MTBS-TV, Modern Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part V

24 Sep

Would you believe that stereoscopic 3D gaming on console started out with foot in mouth disease? Learn how things REALLY got started, and how a slip of the tongue could very well have launched the industry as we know it. This video talks about everyone include Blitz Games Studios, Epic Games, Sony, Xbox, and more. Visit and http to learn more about stereoscopic 3D gaming. Visit for a list of compatible 3D games.

This clip was shot to illustrate the effect that most people associate with 3D – negative parallax – that of an object or person reaching out beyond the screen. You’ll forgive my rather intense look – I’m concentrating on the video camera feedback monitor to make sure the grabber doesn’t reach outside the frame. You’ll notice it does though – watch how this spoils the illusion momentarily as the grabber breaks the stereoscopic window. We’ll be showing you how to carefully produce this astonishing effect for yourselves very soon. In the meantime our demo clips are of this sequence so have a go for yourself at setting the screen depth and seeing how this varies the effectiveness of the grabber.


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