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MTBS-TV, Nvidia Talks About 3D Vision Live, Asus All-in-One

01 Aug

Neil Schneider interviews Andrew Fear, Product Manager for Nvidia’s 3D Vision. Andrew talks about 3D video streaming and Asus’ new all-in-one PC featuring 3D capability.
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MTBS-TV, Nvidia Talks About 3DTV Play

12 Jan

Do you have a 3D HDTV and are looking for stereoscopic 3D gaming content? Andrew Fear, Product Manager for Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision talks about their latest offering that gives software support to alternate 3D display solutions.
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MTBS-TV: XpanD Cinema at CES 2010

24 Oct

Neil Schneider interviews Michael Williams, Sales Manager for the Professional Division at XpanD Cinema. Michael talks about XpanD’s fit in the home market, their new DLP White Flash Technology, and more. Learn more about stereoscopic 3D gaming at and

Julian Worricker chats to Brian May for BBC Radio 4’s “You and Yours” about evolution of the telephone and exhibition of stereoscopic images opening soon in a phone box! – The Gallery on the Green ( in the village of Settle, Yorkshire. Exhibition coincides with Brian and fellow author, Elena Vidal’s 4 November talk at the Victoria Hall (to book: ) presenting their new book ‘A Village Lost and Found’. More info


MTBS-TV: Sony Tells (Almost) All About Their 3D PlayStation 3 Firmware Upgrade

13 Aug

At CES 2010, Neil Schneider interviews Don Mesa, Senior Product Marketing Manage for Sony Computer Entertainment America about Sony’s plans for stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) gaming. Be sure to visit and to learn about S-3D gaming and their related standards.
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Lightspeed Design Stereoscopic 3D Movie Channel Follow us: To watch HD-3D with our advanced 3D Flash web player utilizing our proprietary color algorithm:


MTBS-TV: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part IV

24 Jul

Sure! Stereoscopic 3D gaming on PS3, XBOX 360, and Nintendo 3DS is going to be really cool! Would you believe that all these consoles owe their 3D roots to gaming technology that dates back over twenty years? Learn about the first experiments in stereoscopic 3D console gaming and the lessons learned. Keep watching this series, because console is just as controversial as S-3D PC gaming. You’ll see! Check out the 3D Guides section at for more videos and stereoscopic 3D information. MTBS is the consumer arm of The S-3D Gaming Alliance found at http
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PART II: Processing & Editing Stereo Footage In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the stereo scripts for Adobe After Effects in order to prepare and edit stereoscopic video footage. Again, please note that this is just an exemplary workflow that you are free to modify according to your needs. Also, this tutorial is not a comprehensive explanation of the stereo scripts – only very few features are demonstrated. I highly encourage you to play around with the scripts; you’ll definitely find ways in which they can help accomplishing your stereoscopic work. Admittedly, the examples in this tutorial are not too fancy (they’re actually pretty ugly), but their purpose is merely to provide a technical demonstration. It’s up to you to take it from here and apply this knowledge to great, ground-breaking projects. By the way, I am aware that After Effects is not an editing tool. However, you CAN (in small amounts) use it as such. Alternatively, you can adjust your footage on a shot-by-shot basis in AE, export the shots separately and edit them in a dedicated piece of software, like Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or the best of all, Windows Movie Maker. But then the process is not as fluent, since you can not interactively adjust your footage depending on what your edit requires. You can download the scripts here:


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MTBS-TV, Modern Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part II

30 Jun

Neil Schneider talks about the year 2008, the most controversial year in stereoscopic 3D gaming. Learn more about S-3D gaming at and This tutorial demonstrates how to import left and right clips from your camera, sync them up with the clapper, create stereo pairs (sub-master sequences), edit in a new sequence and then nest your finished edit for Stereo3D Toolbox mastering. (10 minutes)


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MTBS-TV, Modern Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part I

03 May

This is the first part in a series on modern S-3D gaming history. This segment explains how NVIDIA, iZ3D, and DDD got their first footholds into the stereoscopic 3D gaming industry.
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Here is the 3D stereoscopic version of the original movie we displayed at Siggraph 2009 during the Panel Session “A journey from outer to inner space: scientific and biomedical stereoscopic visualization”. Enjoy the power of 3D discovering the hidden secrets of ancient egyptian mummies!


MTBS-TV: Optoma Likes S-3D Gamers!

21 Feb

Wing Chung, Director of the Product Engineering Division for Optoma, demonstrates a new stereoscopic 3D projector that is well suited for gamers! Learn more about stereoscopic 3D gaming at and
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MTBS-TV, Modern Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part V

24 Sep

Would you believe that stereoscopic 3D gaming on console started out with foot in mouth disease? Learn how things REALLY got started, and how a slip of the tongue could very well have launched the industry as we know it. This video talks about everyone include Blitz Games Studios, Epic Games, Sony, Xbox, and more. Visit and http to learn more about stereoscopic 3D gaming. Visit for a list of compatible 3D games.

This clip was shot to illustrate the effect that most people associate with 3D – negative parallax – that of an object or person reaching out beyond the screen. You’ll forgive my rather intense look – I’m concentrating on the video camera feedback monitor to make sure the grabber doesn’t reach outside the frame. You’ll notice it does though – watch how this spoils the illusion momentarily as the grabber breaks the stereoscopic window. We’ll be showing you how to carefully produce this astonishing effect for yourselves very soon. In the meantime our demo clips are of this sequence so have a go for yourself at setting the screen depth and seeing how this varies the effectiveness of the grabber.


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