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so you want to be a wedding photographer

27 Feb This video i tell you the basic needs for a “wedding” photographer. from the type of camera and lenses to the attituded needed. Help Me keep making these videos by checking the link below . It takes you to the online store that can sell this stuff. facebook page http twitter

What a romantic story of a photographers life, joys and sorrow.


Photographer Hanson Fong Poses a Group of 15 People

25 Feb

Watch a clip from the Beauty and the Beast seminar tour. Hanson Fong demonstrates how he would pose a group of 15 people.

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Photography Tutorial 2 ( Insider Advice)

23 Feb

the Second of a series of Tutorial photography videos. This video is 10 solid pieces of advice for the beginning photographer, maybe even for the mid level shooter. Either way it is stuff every pro or novice should know. Enjoy Update 7-11-10 This video is now part of my Mastery of Photography essentials DVD. To learn more about this DVD and how to order follow this link to my webpage for ordering I hope you are learning a bunch Peace
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Ovation TV | Close Up: Gregory Crewdson

17 Feb

In this Ovation TV original special, acclaimed photographers Albert Maysles, Sylvia Plachy, Andrew Moore and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders discuss the impact their work has on their lives and on culture as a whole. is an American photographer who is best known for elaborately staged, surreal scenes of American homes and neighborhoods. In this interview, acclaimed photographer, Gregory Crewdson shares with us insight into his techniques. OVATION TV, ART LIKE NEVER BEFORE. TV LIKE NOTHING ELSE
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Programmable Aperture Photography: Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition

13 Feb Programmable Aperture Photography: Multiplexed Light Field Acquisition (SIGGRAPH 2008) Chia-Kai Liang, Tai-Hsu Lin, Bing-Yi Wong, Chi Liu, and Homer Chen National Taiwan University –Abstract– We present a system including a novel component called programmable aperture and two associated post-processing algorithms for high-quality light field acquisition. The shape of the programmable aperture can be adjusted and used to capture light field at full sensor resolution through multiple exposures without any additional optics and without moving the camera. High acquisition efficiency is achieved by employing an optimal multiplexing scheme, and quality data is obtained by using the two postprocessing algorithms designed for self calibration of photometric distortion and for multi-view depth estimation. View-dependent depth maps thus generated help boost the angular resolution of light field. Various post-exposure photographic effects are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system and the quality of the captured light field.


Top Tips for Wedding Photography

09 Feb

Kristen Spencer from Kristen Spencer Photography gives you the top five tips to keep in mind when capturing your wedding day.

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Digital Photography Success | Digital Photography Classes

07 Feb How To Take The Digital Photos Youve Always Wanted, And Finally Have Them Turn Out Like A Professional Photographer Has Taken Them… …Even If Youve Never Used A Digital Camera Before And Dont Know Anything About Photography.’. “Who Else Wants Super Sharp, Dramatic, Powerfully Vivid, Crystal Clear, Photos With Depth and Detail, Every Single Time? Imagine Taking A Photo And The Lighting Is Perfect. The Colour Is Vivid And True To Life. The Details Are Super Sharp And Your Image Is Crystal Clear. Well Now You Can, Every Single Time You Shoot! Keeping Reading And You Will Discover How To Take The Photos YOU Want. Forever. …Even If You’ve Never Used A Digital Camera Before And Don’t Know Anything About Photography.”

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Natural Light Portraiture – Get A Little Known Secret!

01 Feb

Discover the elements required for perfect natural light & fill in flash portraiture. Get More FREE Training at my website: * digital photography tips * digital portrait photography * photography tips * portrait photography * portrait photography…
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