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Nikon D5000 – Being creative is child’s play!

31 Aug

Being creative shouldn’t be hard – with the new Nikon D5000, being creative is child’s play! See more @ My Nikon Life:
Video Rating: 4 / 5
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Adobe Premiere Pro 3D Stereoscopic Realtime Editing part 3 of 7

31 Aug

In this 7 part series, Dave Helmly walks you through a complete 3D Stereo workflow with Premiere Pro CS5. This is a start to finish workflow and a must see for anyone getting started with 3D Stereo. It covers Active , Passive and Anaglyph viewing as well how to play your videos on a consumer 3D TV. This features a new 64 bit CS5 plug-in called Cineform neo 3d HD.

3D Stereoscopic test for my FJORG demoreel. It’s done in maya 2009. you need 3D glasses with Red-Left & Cyan-Right. I don’t know if it works for everyone… please let me know your opinion.
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Nikon EN-EL9 aftermarket battery D40 D40x D60

31 Aug

Got 2 aftermarket EN-EL9 batteries with higher capacity. Rated at 1800mah, where the OEM one is 1000mah. Both aftermarket and OEM batteries have exact same voltage reading measured with my multimeter. The cells are made in Japan and assembled in China. Put both in my battery grip and so far got over 700 pictures.
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Nikon D300 First Hands-on Review –

31 Aug

The world’s first video review of the Nikon D300, brought to you by Stay tuned for more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

See and buy my Photos at: This video describes how mega pixels effect print size and the types of cameras that you should get according to how large you make your prints. The main cameras in comparison are the d300 and 5d mark 2. The nikon d40 as well as large and medium format cameras are introduced in the video as well.


RSA Animate – The Secret Powers of Time

31 Aug

Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them. Rymdreglages 3rd music video Listen to Rymdreglage on Spotify iTunes.
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Masters of Wedding Photography

31 Aug

Masters Of Wedding Photography featuring Jerry Ghionis, David Oliver, Rob Heyman, Marcus Bell, Denis Reggie, Yervant, Joe Buissink, Jeff Ascough, David Beckstead, Martin Schembri. Two of the best photography DVDs available. Watch the best in the business do what they do best.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Create the illusion of a miniaturized world with this photographic technique. Get the PDF for this project here: More great projects at
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On Assignment: Betty Allison

30 Aug

See that black blob?

It’s not a mistake. It’s the first frame of any consequence on a quick biz portrait of Betty Allison, the woman who runs our local wholesale food market. Her job is to make sure the fresh food supply runs smoothly for the state of Maryland and surrounding areas. And we have to shoot a quick portrait of her for a local business paper.

So, c’mon — hurry up. We only have a few minutes to get the light worked out before we shoot her between appointments…

Okay, the black(-ish) blob is there for a reason. That is a knocked-down, ambient-only exposure. What I am looking for is an exposure that is dark, but not excessively so.

Reason is, I will be adding lights to this in just a minute. And since I am using speedlights I also want to be conscious of not cranking down my exposure excessively. That would mean I would have to ask for more power from the strobes to compensate.

Okay, that was easy enough. Those refrigerated room barriers are translucent. So all I have to do is to stick a speedlight behind them to get a cool background. Should be a piece of cake. Be right back with a test shot.


That kinda sucks. Apparently, the doors are more transparent than diffused. The bare strobe is too… point-sourcy.

No prob — I’ll add a shoot-thru umbrella to make the light source bigger and that should do it. It’ll cost me a little power, but no worries — I am only at 1/8 now.


Close, but no cigar. I need the light source to be bigger yet.

The problem is the umbrella is the biggest light modifier in my bag. I was not expecting to use a big light source, and now I need one.

Alright, let’s kill the umbrella altogether and turn the flash around. We’ll use the whole fricken’ wall as the light source.

That oughtta do it.


And the lines in the door flaps hide the flash, too. I’d rather be lucky than good, any day. But still, needs more cowbell.

I could vary the exposure a bit, walk the aperture up and down to see how it looks. But no, the exposure looks fine. That’s not it.

Hmm… cold…

I know:

A 1/2 CTB gel on the flash cools it down a little.

This will give me some nice color separation from Betty, and it connotes the cool temperature. Full CTB woulda been a little too much.

Plus, that wall and the gel combined to force me to pump the speedlight up to 1/2 power. Remember, it has to go thru the gel, bounce off the wall and go thru the door flaps.

All of that costs light. And 1/2 power is my effective upper limit when shooting people. I’m not so big on a 4-second recycle. Much rather cut that in half.

Here it is without the doors. That whole wall is my light source. Little hot in the center, but that will probably work for me as a framing device.

Okay, let’s set up the front lights.

I already have my working aperture and shutter speed, so I’ll have to adjust the power on the key and fill lights to match. (Oh, and subtract a couple stops for the fill…)

Since we started out on the threshold of ambient black, we can bring up the ambient very easily at any point by opening the shutter speed. Or we can make it a flash-only exposure by leaving the shutter alone.

Here are the front lights — including some ambient dialed in so you can see them better. We’ll add the blue background light back in a minute.

We’re using a fairly harsh key to give her some pop in the cheekbones, and some nice on-axis fill to tame the harsh shadows. The key (a Lumiquest SB-III) is feathered up and away from her to let the light fall off nicely. Add a 1/4 CTO to the key to give her a little color, and you’re golden. Or she is, anyway.

She will hide the fill light’s reflection in the doors. The key light is small, and that reflection looks fine. Okay, good to go. Bring her in.

Hmm… need something to do with her hands to keep her from looking stiff. Most people are not used to being photographed this way, and it is harder than it looks.

Does she have a Blackberry? Of course she does. That’ll give her something to be doing, and a natural look for her hands.

A couple minutes later:

All set, and good to go.

Only took a couple of mins for her, and she is off to her next appointment a little bit early. It’s a bread-and-butter biz portrait, done just about as quickly as if we’d used natural light — only it has a lot more pop.

Okay, let’s tear this down, throw the gear into the car and get some breakfast — it’s your turn to buy.


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NIKON D3X in PHOTOnet Professional Magazine (n. 41 – 6,7,8/2009)

30 Aug

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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the solution to the elinchrom quadra umbrella mount

30 Aug

When I was looking at reviews of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra, one of the most common complaints people seemed to have was the fact that they couldn’t mount standard umbrellas on it (Elinchrom uses a 7mm umbrella shaft, while most others in the US use an 8mm shaft).

Now this seemed kind of silly to me – first off, the Quadra head is extremely small and lightweight – hanging anything larger than a *tiny* umbrella off it just seems like a recipe for disaster.   Secondly I thought to myself “I mount umbrellas on speedlights all the time and they have no umbrella holder whatsoever – why is the quadra any different?”  The solution:

The plain ol’ vanilla Umbrella Swivel.  Beloved of “Strobists” everywhere, it provides a secure slot/mount for the umbrella, placing the weight & torque on itself rather than the strobe head.  Screw in a post on top, plop the Quadra head on that and good to go.  You can even still use the angle of the quadra head itself to hit the sweet spot of the umbrella.

Personally this is just fine for me.  works great for my umbrellas, Apollo softboxes and Softliters…but let’s say you need the light more “on axis” with the umbrella shaft (maybe to fit the hole in one of the new PLM diffusion screens for instance…)  I found the easiest thing is to simply take a second swivel, and use it to “hang” the head off the umbrella shaft itself.  The head is light enough that it doesn’t put undue strain on the shaft (or the swivel).

Kinda kludgy but it works.  Personally I don’t bother – mounting it on the swivel itself is quick, easy and gets the job done with hardware that I’m already carrying anyway for my speedlights.

So there you have it:  Mounting umbrellas on the Quadra made easy!

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Nikon D90 – First Impression Video Review by DigitalRev

29 Aug

The Nikon D90 is Nikon’s first DSLR with video recording, a 12.8 megapixels CMOS sensor captures still and moving images while you can view them on the 3-inch 920K dot LCD. Find out more at Find Robert Bösch (cameraman) and a Ueli Steck (speed-climber) making their way on top of the Eiger-Northface. All pictures and movies shown were shot with a Nikon D90.
Video Rating: 4 / 5