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A Little Grecco-To-Go for Your Tablet

30 Mar

Michael Grecco's Lighting and the Dramatic Portrait has been one of my favorite lighting books since it was released back in late 2006. That was far enough back to where publishers were not yet insisting on all of the e-Rights. So Grecco has done what any smart photographer would do, and has just co-released LatDP as a multi-platform eBook.

In fact, just thinking about all of the amazing photo books that were published before e-Anything makes me realize there is a huge i-Library just waiting to happen. And in a way which will see the royalties go where they rightly belong.

On top of that, we can support photogs directly (no offense, 90%-taking mega-publishers) while toting around a bucketload of inspiration on our tablets, phones, pods, etc.

In honor of the new LatDP medium, I asked Michael if he would give a little extra BTS on one of my favorite images from the book. You know, a lil sump'm sump'm just for us.

And he did… Read more »


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Technique Article: Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery

30 Mar


Introduced in the Photoshop CS6 beta, a collection of photography-styled blur filters makes it easy to simulate depth of field adjustments using tools that let you adjust the effect directly on the image. Photographer and author Ellen Anon explains how to make the most of these tools with a tutorial that shows you how to selectively blur an image as well as mimic the effects of lens bokeh.

News: Digital Photography Review (

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The Art of Dodge & Burn — Series Three DVD by Krunoslav Stifter

30 Mar

The Art of Dodge & Burn — Series Three DVD ….more info and the free sample videos available on the website. This new retouching tutorial DVD-ROM is deeply focused on THE MAIN TECHNIQUE used in the high end industry world of retouching. Dodging & Burning has been around since the analog age of photography. Although the principles remain the same, tools and the flexibility has been greatly improved since entering the digital age. This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to become a master of this retouching technique. It will teach you how to achieve amazing results with the help of Dodge & Burn elegance, flexibility and realism. The DVD is packed with detailed explanations on everything you wanted to know, from what D&B is, how it’s used, applications, tools & custom methods to work flow considerations for more effective retouching and more. Your host Krunoslav Stifter will guide you in a one-on-one style beyond the simple use of native dodge and burn tools to more advanced retouching techniques used by some of the best retouchers in the world to achieve that which is nearly impossible with any other tool or filter — perfectly smooth natural looking skin. If you ever wondered how images that grace the covers of top fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle are retouched, then this is THE DVD you have been looking for. Dodge & burn theory and practice are used with a combination of slides and screen videos to provide an easy
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Since Photoshop was introduced in 1990, a lot of people all over the world appear way better than in reality.


Mysto & Pizzi Beatmaking Wednesdays – 63 Degrees

30 Mar

Download: Title: 63 Degrees Twitter: Facebook: Here it is, we’re finally back with Beatmaking Wednesdays. Took a while for us to relaunch because we had some many new factors to work into this show and make it all work. We decided to take this whole thing to another level by involving all of you guys and our community into this show. So basically we’re making each Beatmaking Wednesday beat from now on available for download through What we want everyone to do is go get the track and then record a rap, song, video, freestyle, dance, animation or whatever else you can think of and then come back on here on youtube and upload it as a video response! We will then pick the videos we like the most and feature in the next episode with a link to that video so it will give great exposure to whomever is chosen! So go out there, get the track and create something dope and then let us see it so we can let everyone else see it as well 🙂 ! This whole project is a work in progress but with all of your support im sure it will turn into something great! Download: Animation: -Mysto & Pizzi


Shrek 1 in 3d Fiona’s Transformation

30 Mar

Shrek 1 in 3d Fiona’s Transformation

Gimpel3D converts still images and video into stereoscopic 3D using a combination of traditional approaches and a proprietary projective modelling system. This video shows a basic example of using the perspective projection of the image to establish the proportional 3D space and original camera view. This is usually the first step in converting any image or sequence, and provides a solid framework for more advanced editing (texture, contour, characters, moving objects, etc.). This proportional framework can be re-used for subsequent shots or images that show the same geometry from a different viewpoint (ie. extracting the camera path from a moving shot).
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Intro to filming with your DSLR-5DMKiii,7D,T2i/550d,T3i/600d Nikon D3,D4,D800,D7000

30 Mar

JOIN ME FOR A PHOTO WALK ON SUNDAY, APRIL 15, 2012 @3PM. I will be there to provide you live tips and answers to your photography questions. We will meet at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Please follow this link to sign up — Hope to see you all there! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MY MONTHLY NEWSLETTER OR UPDATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: Hey everyone! After tons of requests on how to shoot video with your DSLR, I’ve finally got around to doing one. This will be the first on many videos covering the proper way of shooting with your DSLR. As many of you already know my style of teaching, I like to get to the “why” before the “when”. That way “when” you are ready to go out and shoot, you know “why” certain things must take place before filming. I will be doing more in the coming weeks, so don’t worry! Please SHARE, comment rate and of course…SUBSCRIBE! Please let me know if you have any questions. Don’t forget you can catch me on these social outlets: Twitter @KreativeVueTV Instagram @KreativeVueTV ND Fader Filters (Text contributed from ): A Neutral Density Filter cuts down on the amount of light that reaches sensor (of film.) NDs come in different standard strengths as well– 1 stop, 2 stop, all the way up to 10 stops (and beyond.) For the filmmaker, Neutral Density Filters are an essential tool. Still photographers have a bit more latitude to maneuver their exposure by changing the shutter speed. But
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Adobe issues Lightroom 4.1 release candidate with 5D Mark III support

30 Mar


Adobe has launched a release candidate of Photoshop Lightroom v4.1, including a series of bug fixes and support for Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III. The release candidate tag means it has been well tested but could still benefit from user input. The update includes support for the 5D Mark III that appeared in the latest Adobe Camera Raw update.

News: Digital Photography Review (

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Panasonic GF1 first impressions

30 Mar

As anyone who’s been following this blog knows, I’ve been very excited about the whole inception of the new micro four thirds standard… I decided not to jump on the EP-1, waiting to see the developments from Panasonic etc…  With the release of the GF1 and the announcement of the EP-2, I finally decided to get myself a GF1 for my birthday.   Of course my B-day isn’t for another month, but given the impossibility of actually finding the stupid thing in stock, when I saw one available from amazon I jumped on it and received it last week.

Of course a week and a few shots are not nearly enough to get the real “feel” of a camera, but here are some initial thoughts:

  • I bought this camera as a replacement for my G9 (which I subsequently sold). my first thought was “this is just like my G9, only better”
  • Image quality is superb – particularly with the 20/1.7.  Plenty of detail, and the raw files hold up to processing well (using LR3 beta).  High ISO is perfectly adequate for me.  I’d use it comfortably up to 800/1250, and 1600/2500 are definitely usable with some NR/processing.  3200 is a bit noisy, but still seems perfectly usable for smaller prints etc… with some NR.
  • I don’t miss an OVF at all.  I don’t know why folks get hysterical about composing on a screen- to me it’s just another way of composing.  SLR finder, Rangefinder, Waist-level finder, ground glass… whatever.   as long as I can compose my image, it’s all good.
  • Much like the G9 it’s not truly “pocketable” it definitely needs a small bag or coat pocket.  To me this is basically a camera for “good pictures that’s lighter/easier to carry than an SLR”
  • Responsiveness is excellent.  Shutter lag is negligible, and focus is nice and snappy even in low light.  It’s not quite as good as my D700 (!) but it’s more than adequate.   I can’t see myself missing any shots due to lag (caveat: I don’t shoot kids or sports, so if you do YMMV!)
  • build quality is… decent… it’s not a leica, but it doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart either.  Probably the cheapest-feeling part of the whole thing is the zoom action on the 14-45 kit lens, but even that isn’t terrible (hey it’s a kit lens!)
  • Manual focus with the m4/3 lenses is actually not bad at all.  The “focus by wire” doesn’t bother me, and the focus rings (particularly on the 20/1.7) are surprisingly smooth and well damped, unlike many modern AF lenses.  I’m curious to try some real MF lenses on it with an adaptor.
  • I’m still getting a feel for the menus/controls, but they seem perfectly adequate.  I wasn’t sure about the whole “push-turn” control wheel but I actually really like it now.  All the necessary info is shown on screen, and all the settings I need to use regularly are easily accessible without digging through 27 menus (<cough> canon mirror lockup<cough>
  • I’m curious how the lack of a mirror will affect hand-holdability.  I know I can handhold a rangefinder at least a stop slower than an equivalent SLR, I wonder if the GF1 will have the same advantage…
  • So far the main “negative” I can find with the camera is that the grip on the front feels a little slippery (the rear has a nice rubber thumbpad, but the front “fingertip” area is too slick for me) Surprisingly this makes the grip less sure than my G9… it might be worth getting a little stick on pad for the front to alleviate this.

Overall, the “gestalt” of this camera is the same to me as the G9 – not a “pocket camera” per-se, but a “real camera” that I can carry around more easily than a full SLR.  In this regard it succeeds superbly.   For my purposes, the GF1 realizes the dream of “SLR image quality in a compact body” perfectly, particularly with the superb 20/1.7.   I’m actually toying with using it fom a couple of “real” shoots coming up, to see if the ability to go ultralight/minimalist will give added freedom in location shooting.

more to come…





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Real Ghost Caught on Tape (HD)

30 Mar

REAL GHOST CAUGHT ON TAPE! I GOT IT!!! lawl Please comment, and subscribe if you liked it! 😀 Second Channel: Merch: Twitter: Facebook: wtffilmsftw wtffilmsftw2 wtf films ftw real ghost caught on tape camera paranormal activity poltergeist haunted haunting me host video hd videos surveillance film cam security funny really fake hunters hilarious sketch comedy skit not prank “scary movie” “home video” animation tv hunting ghosts parody spoof spirit teaser “horror movie” glitch “video game” lol spirits halloween check romeo spooky hidden supernatural creepy demons ghostbusters evil mansion


Cool Visual Art images

30 Mar

A few nice visual art images I found:

Sculpture by Aurel Vlad
visual art
Image by cod_gabriel
Exhibited in the "Cuhnia" art gallery, part of the "Gesture and Truth" ("Gest si adevar") exhibition.

AGCC Visual Arts Director Marshall Astor Places the Last Block – Allan Kaprow’s Fluids at Angels Gate
visual art
Image by Angels Gate
From the re-invention of Allan Kaprow’s Fluids in Angels Gate Park. April 27, 2008.

Photo by I.D.E.A.S. Club President Michele Hubacek.

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