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AntiVJ LAB – Stereoscopic visuals and Tracking

31 May

Single user installation developped at AntiVJ LAB in Bristol. The system is based on: – a stereoscopic display (similar to the technology used in Imax 3D). 6m x 3.40m – rear projection – a realtime 3D engine, with a dynamic stereoscopic cameras: vvvv (DirectX, GPU optimized) – a face tracking system, using an IR camera. Obviously, you can’t get the 3D (stereoscopic) effect on your computer screen, as the installation as to be experienced in front of the special screen, with polarized glasses. Project developped with support from TSB (Technology Strategy Board) and Pervasive Media studio. More details soon on http MUSIC BY: Damien Schneider – Clair Obscure
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My first attempt at a stereoscopic rendering from within Blender. Stare at the animation. Squint/cross your eyes until a 3rd image is created between the two. If you have trouble, try to vary the distance you sit away from the monitor/screen. 😉
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Stereoscopic Glass Works (Cross eyed)

31 May

MIeko noguchi art glass works. Try this player.

James Cameron’s new camera technology – which he has been working on for years now – is described in this video. This will change how we experience movies.
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Nickilroy Photo Retouching Workflow

31 May

Feel free to see how was it done by using Photoshop CS4 as the main tool with a few extra plug-ins. Download the PSD file as I have linked below to see the description about the process and workflows. Anyway as usual, think twice before buying something or products based on what you see on their flawless advertisement on TV, billboards and magazine. Song Credits Daddy Dj – Daddy Dj View original photo here Download PSD file here
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Congrats to Ivan Villa For an Honorable Mention Award for Scott Kelby’s Third Worldwide Photowalk

31 May

ivan villa

Scott Kelby is out with his selections for the winners of this year’s Third Worldwide Photowalk that took place last month. He selected 1 grand prize and 10 honorable mentions from over 1,000 images submitted. Each walk’s leader submitted a single winner from their walk to compete for the prizes.

The image that I selected from our walk in Albany (above) was taken by Ivan Villa and it won one of the 10 Honorable Mention awards that were given. Congrats to you Ivan on winning in the contest!

You can find Ivan’s photography and design site here.

Thomas Hawk Digital Connection

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Sunset Portrait Photography Tips

31 May facebook page http twitter This video shows you a quick shoot I did with my girlfriend kim… sorry I mean film crew Kim, during a bright clear sky sunset the other day. Scotland is having some volcanic dust in the air due to iceland having a volcano erupting and it is giving us nice saturated sunsets. So here i go through the settings exposure, flash and white balance and then also NDgrad filter application with a sunset and portrait photo. Hope this helps dom


42″ Philips Wow vs. 50″ Newsight Stereoscopic Displays

31 May

Two multi-view stereoscopic displays in Inition’s demo studio. Demo to give an idea of the brightness and reflectiveness differences between the two 3D displays

Grab your 3D glasses! (red-cyan) Moving holograms is not the average 3D technique that’s been around for decades. After years of research and development, we found unique techniques and workflows that allow us to do an exact reproduction of the human 3D vision. Objects and actors reach out beyond the screen and therefore attract the main attention of the audience, the whole set leaves a vivid and plastic impression without straining the spectators eyes. We will transform your screen into a 3D monitor. Keep in mind that the anaglyph quality displayed is quite low. At our 3D cinema here in Graz, we can really show you what MOVING HOLOGRAMS is. more at:
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Movie Maker for DAZ Studio – 3D Animation With Belly Dancing Victoria 4 Girl

31 May The Music Video Maker uses high resolution pre-rendered 360 degree panoramic backgrounds, with camera, lighting and shadow matching for extremely fast animation render times that was never before possible on low end PC´s. Compatible with aniMate. Coming soon!
Video Rating: 4 / 5 This is a complete working 3D model of a v8 engine 4.5 L, 520 HP from 1969 – 1997. Fully textured / animated / and FX widouth any use of a plugin! Using standard animation, rigged with bones, IK , and also beautiful standard 3dmax special effects, so that avery average/professional user can use immediatly, widouth buying any expensive plugin. Many of parts have been left low-poly,to left you the choice of smoothing them if needed, altering between low and high poligon model. Modeled in over 6 months, by a 8 year experience 3dmax modelor/animator, by buying this product you will not be dissapointed, what you se is EXACTLY what you get. The product was created in 3d Max, created to be suitable from max R3 to v9 + ( because of it full-range standard procedures ) Full animations created for you! so you can see it’s full characteristics in a dynamic yet simply to use animation, using nothing other than STANDARD 3D MAX rendring engine! The model is compressed in .Zip format ( because only the scene is 102 MB ) cand be extracted with WinRar, WinZip, or any additional software that recognise this default compressing format. In this 3d Engine Pack you will get: – A realistic 3D V8 4.5L engine fully animated and textured – A 737 entities / 1.548.385 polygons / 865.359 vertices destined for professional and average users engine – A fully textured model – A fully animated scene using only standard 3ds Max ( no extra expensive plugins needed ) – A full FX animated
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How to digitally enhance the breasts by Photoshop

30 May

This tutorial teaches you the method of digitally enhancing the boobs of a girl. Its easy, have a look at it. Feel free to comment and rate it. Some examples of en
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Captured by camera phone, poor lighting. Background change, glamour touch-up.
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xD i C e E VS xPaKx D3x 3XILEx

30 May

He got raped 5-2 NEW GT: xD i C e E
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Sun, Snow and Wind on the North Platte River in Wyoming

30 May
Seminoe Reservoir in Wyoming

Since Wyoming Outback Challenge (annual 44 miles paddling race) is gone, we decided to make a longer training run on the North Platte River this year (May 22-23). We means me with Pixel, Rob Bean and two Kruger canoes.

On Friday, May 21 we run a shuttle between Seminoe State Park and Bennett Peak campground which we reached at sunset after a stop at Saratoga. Saturday was a full day of paddling starting around 7:00 am and stopping for a night 12+ hours later between Dugway and the Seminoe Reservoir. On Sunday, we paddled the last few miles of the river and then a lake to the North Red Hills campground and boat ramp. We finished paddling around 4 pm, took a look at the dam, drove to Saratoga for a dinner, and recovered our second car from the Bennett Peak campground at sunset. The Snowy Range road was still closed, so we returned to Fort Collins through Walden and Cameron Pass.


We experienced every possible weather Wyoming can offer: a very warm night and morning at the Bennett Peak campground, winter conditions (rain, snow, wind) during the second half of out first day, chilly night in tents covered by frost, sunny second day: calm and turning windy in the afternoon.

Wildlife: one moose, plenty of deer, proghorns, bald eagles, pelicans, and a lot of other birds.

I covered almost the entire course of our trip before, but in shorter separate segments paddled at different times. I didn’t paddle before the river from Dugway to the middle of the Seminoe Reservoir (Sand Mountain). I visited the Seminoe Reservoir only once years ago. It was in August of 2000 with my CLC Patuxent kayak: there is still a short report from that trip at Mountain Wayfarer. It looks really ancient …

GPS odometer: 114.5 miles, 16:58 hours of moving time, 3:34 stopping time (not counting our overnight camping), 6.7 mph average moving speed, 11.7 mph max speed.

River flow: 7000-8000 cfs at Dugway above Seminoe Reservoir, the reservoir was filled to 70% of full capacity.

The above slide show is a new setup created with Adobe Lightroom 2 and SlideShowPro. Recently, I am using Lightroom to manage all my pictures both paddling and stock images. I created slide shows with Lightroom before (see, e.g., Colorado River Race or Dismal River 2009). However, this time I used also SlideShowPro which adds more functionality. Please let me know how do you like it, and whether you had any problem watching it. I am going to post more slide shows in a similar format.

Most pictures were shot with waterproof Pentax Optio W30, a few with Canon 5D/II (camping), and Canon PowerShot G11 (the Seminoe Reservoir and Dam).

Rob posted his pictures from the trip on facebook.

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paddling with a camera

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