AntiVJ LAB – Stereoscopic visuals and Tracking

31 May

Single user installation developped at AntiVJ LAB in Bristol. The system is based on: – a stereoscopic display (similar to the technology used in Imax 3D). 6m x 3.40m – rear projection – a realtime 3D engine, with a dynamic stereoscopic cameras: vvvv (DirectX, GPU optimized) – a face tracking system, using an IR camera. Obviously, you can’t get the 3D (stereoscopic) effect on your computer screen, as the installation as to be experienced in front of the special screen, with polarized glasses. Project developped with support from TSB (Technology Strategy Board) and Pervasive Media studio. More details soon on http MUSIC BY: Damien Schneider – Clair Obscure
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My first attempt at a stereoscopic rendering from within Blender. Stare at the animation. Squint/cross your eyes until a 3rd image is created between the two. If you have trouble, try to vary the distance you sit away from the monitor/screen. 😉
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