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Panasonic shows prototype of twin-lens 3D HD compact camera

31 Aug

Panasonic has said it will develop a twin-lens 3D digital camera and has unveiled a prototype at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Germany. The camera uses twin image-stabilized 4x folded-optics zoom lenses (much like the examples in the company’s FP series cameras, we suspect). As well as allowing 3D HD videos to be shot, you can also choose to use one lens for shooting 2D still images while the other lens simultaneously shoots video. Image stabilization will be available whether shooting stills or video and regardless of the number of dimensions being captured.
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31 Aug

2613289179_fb36cb595b_mIf you’re following along with DSLR-101, if you’re a more experienced amateur, or even if you don’t own a camera and just like to look at pretty pictures check out this website for some inspiring interviews with professional photographers. I’m going to call it inspiration Tuesday. Enjoy. Be inspired. Go play with your camera.

Photo by: / CC BY-NC 2.0


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Panasonic creates HDC-Z10000 AVCHD 2.0 compatible 3D HD camcorder

31 Aug

Panasonic has announced the HDC-Z10000 an integrated twin-lens 2D/3D camcorder that can shoot in the AVCHD 3D/Progressive standard. The camera features a parallax-barrier LCD that allows the 3D footage to be reviewed on-camera without the need for special glasses. Its adoption of the latest AVCHD standard allows it to shoot 1080p60 footage in 2D and up to 1080i60 in 3D, as well as offering 30p and 24p options. The camera essentially combines two of the company’s 3MOS camcorders in a single body, offering 30-369 equivalent F1.5-2.8 zooms (32-320mm in 3D mode), stabilized for both 2D and 3D shooting.
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Earn Money With Digital Photography—Promote Your Skills

31 Aug

This guest post was written by Laura Charon. Laura is an avid photographer who has been taking pictures for years–first with an old brownie camera and more recently with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. You can read more of Laura’s posts at Beyond Megapixels. Contact me if you are interested in guest writing for Photodoto. -John

Congratulations! You’re ready to take the next step with your digital photography, and start earning some money with it! There are two avenues you can pursue — you can sell the photographs that you take, or you can provide your photography skills as a service to other people. Either way you go, earning money with your photography is challenging and rewarding in this highly competitive field.

lineup2 by Snerkology

In this article we’re going to talk about promoting your photography skills.

Create a portfolio — The first important step in selling your photographs is to establish a portfolio. Create a collection of the work that you are the most proud of, or that is the most applicable to the type of photography you will be performing (portraits, product photography, interiors, etc.). Click here for an an article I have written on how to develop a portfolio.

Establish rates — Next you need to figure out how much you’re going to charge people. This can be tricky — charge too little and your work is undervalued; charge too much and you’ll be passed over for a photographer who is less expensive. Conduct some research into what kind of rates the industry currently supports. Review the rates of your local competition or photographers in your type of genre, and weigh their rates against how much you need to make per hour, per project, per photo, etc.

Get business cards — When people see you with a camera, they tend to be interested in your work. Most of my “advertisement’ has come from people who have attended the events and venues that I am photographing. They ask me who I am and what I do, and I am able to produce a business card that has all of my contact information and website URL. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in the photography industry, so make sure you’re prepared at a moment’s notice to get your name out there!

Volunteer your services for free — Experience and practice and vital to garnering customers for your photography business. You don’t want to go in cold to your first “gig’, so gather some experience by volunteering for some photography projects for free. This will allow you to gain the experience you need, bulk up your portfolio, and establish potential future paying customers. Ask friends and family members to pose for portraits. Attend events and venues similar to those whose business you’d like to receive. Offer free examples of your work on CD’s or in print to showcase your talents.

Buy some basic gear — In order to be sure that you’ll be ready for whatever requirements come your way during your photo shoots, be sure that you have some basic gear to get you by. A good prime lens, a fast telephoto lens, a quality wide angle lens, and a quality macro lens are a good starting collection. Also consider a softbox for portable lighting, neutral colored drapes or drop-cloths for backgrounds, a tripod, a remote shutter release, and a remote off-camera flash.

Get the word out — The final concern is how to get the word out about your photographs. You can’t sell anything if people don’t know about your work, right? Consider printing and framing some of your photos — put them in your own home for your friends and family to see, or give them as gifts to friends and family members, so that they will be seen by their own visitors. Approach local establishments (businesses, restaurants, libraries, etc.), and ask them if they will allow you to hang your work on their walls. Often, if it’s of no cost to them, a business owner will be happy to showcase quality work and decorate their store or office. Be sure you leave some method of contact – a business card tucked inside the frame, for instance – and make it clear that the photos on the walls are for sale, and that there’s plenty more where they came from!

Photo credits (all): Snerkology Media,


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Photo Compilation – Incubus ; Aqueous Transmission

31 Aug

Photos I have taken over the years accompanied by “Aqueous Transmission” by Incubus. All photos were taken by me and with my Kodak CX7525 or Canon Digital Rebel XT.
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Bing Search Engine – Return More Desirable Search Results by Adding Ignore Words

31 Aug

Tired of web pages containing particular words or phrases appearing in a Bing search? Create search queries that ignore them.

When performing searches with Bing involving words or phrases that have multiple meanings, you might wish to prevent the results from including certain types of pages. Perhaps a word or phrase has a popular meaning but you want pages related to the alternate one.

Another example is searching for a word or phrase that matches the name of a TV show, sports team, movie, etc. These popular culture references may result in pages in which you have no interest. For example, searching for “bones” may show results relating to the TV show, restaurants, a movie, or other non-anatomical subjects….

Read more at MalekTips.
New Computer and Technology Help and Tips – MalekTips.Com

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Sea Wind Canoe on the Loveland Pass

31 Aug

Last Sunday, when returning from the Colorado River Race in Glenwood Canyon, I drove over the Loveland Pass to avoid delays in the Eisenhower Tunnel. It didn’t help much. I was still stuck in a traffic below the tunnel. However, I enjoyed a few stops at highway 6 at and below the Loveland Pass. It was foggy, cloudy and mysterious. Time to time I could see the slow traffic on the Interstate 25 below.

This year, I paddled my Sea Wind Canoe in the Colorado River Race. I got a really good workout there. The race was dominated by SUPs (stand-up paddlers). You can find some pictures from the race and more commentary on the Fitness Paddling blog.

Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass

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Colorado River Race - SUP start

paddling with a camera

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Sony DSC HX100V 16.2MP superzoom samples added to studio comparison tool

31 Aug

Just Posted: Studio comparison shots from the Sony DSC-HX100V. We’ve just got hold of Sony’s latest superzoom, the 16.2MP HX100 and shot our standard test scene with it. It’s built around the latest 1/2.3" (6.17 x 4.55mm) back illuminated CMOS sensor and offers a vast 27-810mm equivalent 30x zoom. Being Sony’s top-of-the-range superzoom, it features a manual control ring that can be switched between controlling zoom and or manual focus. We also have one of its main rivals – the Panasonic DMC-FZ150 in the studio and will add that to the comparison tool as soon as we can.
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Panasonic gives details of power zoom-enabling firmware v1.1 for GH2, G3, GF3 and GF2

30 Aug

Panasonic has provided details of a firmware update for its recent G-system cameras to provide full compatibility with the newly-announced Lumix X power zoom lenses. The firmware, which will be available at ‘the beginning of October’ will work with the DMC-GH2, G3, GF3 and GF2, and will provide several additional options for how the powered zoom is controlled. By a process of elimination, it seems reasonable to assume these are the functions that won’t be available to older G-series users (G1, GF1, GH1, G2, G10), and possibly Olympus PEN users.
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Red vs. Blue Season 9 Trailer

30 Aug

Get the musical score on iTunes! PUMPED FOR NEW RVB? FAVORITE THIS VIDEO! Episodes are NOW ONLINE only at Watch the trailer in HD at http PAX East panel about trailer: Copyright 2011 Rooster Teeth Productions LLC. Copyright 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft, 343 Industries, Halo, Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox, and the Xbox 360, are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All rights reserved. Based on Halo by Microsoft Corporation.

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