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Nikon D40x review

31 Oct

Full review at : An eight minute tour around the 10.2 Megapixel Nikon D40x digital SLR by Gordon Laing, Editor of For complete results and sample images, please check out our full review by clicking the link at the start of this text.

The Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera 10.0 Megapixels for stunning prints as large as 16 x 20 inches. Sharp resolution captures the finest details, crop creatively and produce incredible enlargements. New EXPEED Image Processing ensures high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness. Nikons comprehensive digital imaging processing concept incorporates the know-how and technologies accumulated throughout our long history of photographic and digital imaging development. EXPEED is custom-tuned for COOLPIX. Applied optimized technologies render natural-looking pictures of incredible quality and quick response so you wont miss that special moment. Optical VR Image Stabilization compensates for camera shake to prevent blur producing clearer, sharper results in lower light or unsteady conditions. The Nikon COOLPIX S60 Digital Camera in addition, has Nikons VR system that extend to faster framing on the monitor and smoother action when using the movie mode.


Nikon 16mm ƒ/2.8D AF Fisheye-Nikkor

30 Oct

This video is a brief hands-on review on one of Nikon’s current fisheye lenses of Nikon 16mm ƒ/2.8D AF Fisheye-Nikkor, enjoy. Music: Glittering Blackness by Explosions in the Sky

Nikon D5000 Unboxing ! 12.3 MP Digital SLR camera from Nikon.


Nikon D3 & D300 01

28 Oct

Nikon D3 & D300 DSLR Camera Product Launch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video of the HDMI Out capabilities on a Nikon D300. Tether it via HDMI to a TV and view your photo on there instead of your 3″ screen. This is a 32″ LCD TV.


Stereoscopic 3D Workflow in After Effects – Tutorial 2 (4/4)

28 Oct

PART II: Processing & Editing Stereo Footage In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the stereo scripts for Adobe After Effects in order to prepare and edit stereoscopic video footage. Again, please note that this is just an exemplary workflow that you are free to modify according to your needs. Also, this tutorial is not a comprehensive explanation of the stereo scripts – only very few features are demonstrated. I highly encourage you to play around with the scripts; you’ll definitely find ways in which they can help accomplishing your stereoscopic work. Admittedly, the examples in this tutorial are not too fancy (they’re actually pretty ugly), but their purpose is merely to provide a technical demonstration. It’s up to you to take it from here and apply this knowledge to great, ground-breaking projects. By the way, I am aware that After Effects is not an editing tool. However, you CAN (in small amounts) use it as such. Alternatively, you can adjust your footage on a shot-by-shot basis in AE, export the shots separately and edit them in a dedicated piece of software, like Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or the best of all, Windows Movie Maker. But then the process is not as fluent, since you can not interactively adjust your footage depending on what your edit requires. You can download the scripts here:
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The Green Ascent

28 Oct

the green ascent, originally uploaded by vsz.

Catchy Colors Photoblog

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My Uncle Shoots Heroin – Amazing Music Video Animation

28 Oct

Check out more at . From the creator of “war is my destiny” This is another music video by Brooklyn based MC Ill Bills . Animation by adam calfee Follow Aniboom: Facebook: Twitter: MySpace: Aniboom Blog: Ifyou liked this animation, don’t forget to subscribe, you know you want to . The Aniboom Contests: Submissions are open for the Aniboom-Fox Holiday Animation Challenge and The People Speak Competition Presented by Aniboom and HISTORY.


Nikon D300 & Nikkor 105mm VR Lens: Unboxing

28 Oct

This is my new D300 that i got a few weeks ago. I sold my d80, which i loved to get this. The D80 was a great camera, however the d300 is a totally different beast. I mean what a great instrument!!


Nikon D300 sensor cleaning using MXD-100 from Visibledust

24 Oct

Nikon D300 sensor cleaning using MXD-100 Swab (green) from Visibledust

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Ashton Kutcher Nikon TV Commercial

24 Oct

Nikon signed Ashton Kutcher to star in TV ads to promote their new Nikon CoolPix cameras.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Matthew Bennett Sketch D90

24 Oct

This video is shot by Matthew Bennett from This is an an attempt to create a film look from the d90. All credits is to Matthew Bennett
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nikon D90 – Movie Mode – Golden Colorado, Aug 2008 Nikon D90 while mountain biking. Video edited with iMovie.