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Photographers@Google: Michael Clark

31 Jan

Michael Clark is one of the world’s most respected adventure photographers, and he offers sage advice – gained from years of hard-earned experience – on equipment, techniques, and the specific skills required to get in on the action. He recently wrote a book entitled Digital Masters: Adventure Photography, which covers just about everything he’s learned shooting adventure sports over the last 14 years as a full-time pro while working for commercial clients like Nike, Nikon, Adobe, Red Bull and Patagonia as well as editorial clients including Sports Illustrated, Outside, Men’s Journal and Climbing. Michael will present his work and talk about the tools and strategies involved in shooting a variety of Adventure sports. In this presentation, you’ll learn to capture fast-moving subjects and deal with harsh conditions and horrible weather – even when you’re hanging from ropes and riggings in a squall. He will have on hand some of the specialty outdoor and photographic items that help him get the shots clients require while on assignment and he will also talk about the realities of working as an adventure photographer. Come join us for an afternoon of inspiring outdoor action sports images and a book signing to follow. Afterwards, please join Michael as he signs his new book Digital Masters: Adventure Photography – Capturing the World of Outdoor Sports

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Sheffield Quigley: Professional Myspace Photographer

31 Jan

Sheffield Quigley is the world’s first and ONLY professional myspace photographer. He takes kid’s myspace pictures for a living. Check out BLACK20.COM for more…or his myspace at
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A father of three from Huddersfield has been telephoned by NASA after he took photos of space, using a cheap camera and a balloon. . Follow us on twitter at .
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How to Become A Photographer (Dom Bower replys to lots of questions)

28 Jan http in this video i try to answer a lot of the questions that some of you have asked and also give you and insight into how i got to where i am as a photographer and how to get on the road to becoming sucessful. hope this helps.. kind regards dom
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Trailer for the documentary William Eggleston – Photographer by Reiner Holzemer
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Confessions of a Photographer – episode 03

27 Jan

KRAAINEM, BELGIUM – As a professional photographer in Belgium, I often have to improvise and make the most of the conditions. In this video I’ll show you some leftovers from episode 1 & 2. For more info and to see the pictures in better quality, please visit BERT STEPHANI ( is a professional photographer based in Belgium.