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Bibble Labs releases Bibble 5.2.1 Pro & Lite

18 Feb

Bibble Labs has announced an updated version of its Bibble 5 RAW workflow software. Version 5.2.1 extends RAW support to the recently released Canon Rebel T3/EOS 600D and Rebel T3i/EOS 1100D digital SLRs. Both the Pro and Lite versions also bring stability improvements, resolve specific lens identification issues and fix an issue related to cropping images in Multi-View mode.
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Nikon Coolpix S4000 Digital Camera

18 Feb

With the Nikon Coolpix S4000 26205 Digital Camera use the touch control is the intuitive and fun way to shoot, view and retouch images. The 3-inch HVGA (460k-dot) touch control LCD for the COOLPIX S4000 maximizes the fun and efficiency, whether navigating the user-friendly menu interface or enjoying fingertip control over most shooting and playback functions.
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Chris Hardwick and Alison Haislip check out the easy to use and portable Nikon Coolpix S4000 digital camera with its 3″ touch screen, 12 megapixel, HD video recording and more for only 0. For more from Gadget Pr0n, go here:


Fashion Photography By Piotr Pociecha

18 Feb

As my book progresses, new videos will be posted. This will give all of you to pre view the photos that will be featured in the book. Have fun and Enjoy! contact me for more information
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Journey to Portland: Begins

18 Feb

January 31st, 2011 – Salt Lake City, UT to Portland, OR

iPhone using Hipstamatic (a great photography app)

Steven Wood and I landed at 6:04PM, drove straight from the Portland Airport to Stereoblind studio where we met our two hosts along with two models and two stylists.  This would be the first day of a three day shooting trip, seven models in three days.

The first day, right off the plane, was a shoot planned with a full styling team and three models.  None of whom I’d ever met in real life.

This trip was a bit of an experiment.  I wanted to see how hard it was to leave my geographic comfort zone and shoot, was it worth the hassle to bring a camera on short trips?  Away from my lights, away from my studio, away from my connections.  On a bit of a whim I was browsing Modelmayhem and spotted a model or two that I thought I would LOVE to shoot, and both were in the same city..Portland, a city less than an hour and a half away by plane.   One thing led to another and I looked up prices which seemed much to inexpensive to be right, Steven agreed to join me.  We’d do some shooting, check out the sites and maybe even test drive a Ferrari with a blind Al Pacino, who knows.  I was ready for anything.

About 45 minutes before getting on the plane, a few hours before the shoot, I received an email from one of the models.  “Family emergency, can’t make it.  Sorry for the late notice…,” that sort of thing.

These happen, the longer I’ve been a photographer the more rarely they occur… leading me to believe that when they do occur it’s probably legitimate.  I emailed her back thanking her for letting me know and… well, didn’t know what we’d do.  No cell service in the plane, which was leaving soon.

We formulated a plan B at the shoot.  Instead of one look each for three models we’d do two looks of two models.  The results were… well… if I were into sports analogies I’d say it was a home run.

The lighting setup I used to achieve these is simple.  A single strobe with a parabolic umbrella (86″) creates a very soft even lighting. The umbrella is directly behind me with the face of it perpendicular to the ground, if you look closely into the catch lights you’d see me standing in front of the light.  To bring back some definition in the edges I placed two large, black foam boards on either side of the model, just barely out of frame.  That is what gives that distinctive shaded contouring around the edges of the model, so to speak.

As seen in this simple lighting diagram.

Setup photo courtesy of Dan LaHaie and his iPhone

Lighting doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need a lot of attention to detail.  As anyone on set that day can probably attest to – angles, distances, power and reflectors are tweaked and tweaked and tweaked… until… well, you just know it’s right.

Complete Equipment Used for this test

  • Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM
  • Tripod: Manfrotto 190XPROB
  • Tripod Grip: Manfrotto Ballhead (322RC2)
  • (Provided by Stereoblind) Strobe: Profoto
  • (Provided by Stereoblind) Light Modifier: PLM Parabolic Umbrella (Silver back)
  • (Provided by Stereoblind) Modifier Accessory: Translucent White front diffuser for Umbrella
  • (Provided by Stereoblind) Black Foam Core – from an art supply store.

Jake Garn Photography

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PlayStation 3 in 3D streaming from [] SITE ( Sony PS3 3D )

18 Feb

Sorry for my English: This is the dimostration that my SITE ( can used on PlayStation 3 and play the 3D VIDEO or Movies Anaglyph via STREAMING. The Future is coming up on Internet TV, Playstation 3 ect… on 3D TV via STREAMING. Naturally we need VERY SPEED CONNECTION, abiut 100MBite to view the 3D Full HD. Cheers http (3D movies) (4D Movies) FOUNDER
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2009 Artist: Æ Song: Fin fyr/Idiot Label: Clearpass Album: Voksensløvsinn Dir.: Kjell Jakobsen Foto.: Kjell Jakobsen Note: Produced as red/blue anaglyph video, wear 3D glasses for maximum effect.
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Stoked – Series 1 – Episode 14 – Groms Gone Wild

17 Feb

DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE! Surfer’s Paradise is the best surfing locations in Canada and the ideal summer job is at Surfer’s Paradise Resort. At least, it would be if the corporate management hadn’t changed the resort to a tacky tourist trap. The summer staff are stuck in crummy jobs with a pushy boss and living in a dump that should be condemmened. But at the end of the day, it’s surfing time together. And that’s what counts. A Teletoon Original presentation ©2008 Stoked I Productions / Fresh TV Songs used in this episode: “The Killer” performed by Mobile, “Hey Sugar” performed by Young Rival / The Ride Theory
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Maggot and Fungus are not ordinary school kids, although they go to a perfectly normal school. They are, in fact, zombies! Their parents runs a strange hotel which attracts all kinds of guests, although the human guests appear to be oblivious to the fact that the hotel is run by zombies and ghouls. Maggot and Fungus hide their true identity from the local twonsfolk but that does make some things very hard to explain….. ©2005 Alphanim/Telegael/Magma Films/Canal J

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Nice Visual Art photos

17 Feb

A few nice visual art images I found:

Egg Art
visual art
Image by brtsergio
or … The Egg Across XX Century Visual Art.
In 2002 I created a serie of fakes of XX Century icons by replacing original objects with eggs edited in the same style of the image where they came from. Sometimes eggs were just added.
Consider them as Digital Manipulation exercices.

itunes art visual music 00
visual art
Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

itunes visual digital art 01
visual art
Image by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³

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NEC to further develop noise suppression technology

17 Feb

NEC has announced its noise suppression technology has been integrated into the Casio Exilim EX-ZR10 digital compact camera. The technology, a development of the work first touted back in 2009, records the sounds of zoom and focus motors and subtracts them in real time, from any recorded audio. The technique starts with a reference set of lens and motor sounds and adapts to take into account the characteristics of the individual camera’s motor sounds and microphone behavior. The system allows motors to be run at full speed, rather than having to be slowed in an attempt to reduce noise.
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London Photo Walk This Week!

17 Feb

We’re almost there! Feb 19th in London is the date for the next dPS photo walk! And with over 250 people signed up, it’s going to be huge! We have three awesome sponsors in Think Tank Photo, Black Rapidv and 3 Legged Thing who have kindly donated some prizes for our walkers, and we’ll all stop for a chat and a drink after the walk too, where everyone will have the chance to ask questions, rest their feet and take photos of each other in silly hats no doubt!

It's all a front

We have three camera bags from Think Tank Photo to give away on the day, we will have the entire range of camera straps from BlackRapid and this news just in! we’re going to have one lucky walker snag the awesome ‘Brian‘ carbon fibre tripod from the amazingly good looking people at 3LeggedThing

It all starts at 3PM (sharp) at Liverpool Street Tube station, and will amble about in the City and surrounding area for about 2 to 3 hours before coming to rest back at Liverpool Street station for a chat at a local, traditional pub (Though, we have our own room / area) –> Further details can be found here.

As I mentioned, there are prizes, one of them will be drawn this evening to all of you who are signed up via MailChimp (but you need to be there on Saturday to collect!) There will be a random set of criteria for the drawing of prizes that you will learn about on the day! With the grand prize, Brian the Tripod, being awarded to the ‘best photo of the day’ as drawn by a panel of hand plucked judges. Entry details will be available on the day for those that are in attendance!

On the line

There are many people coming on Saturday and that means that there will be someone for almost every type of photographic background that you can think of, I know of pro sports photographers, fashion photographers, architecture specialists and a music photographer or six! …and a whole lot of people that are learning (don’t be put off by pros, use them! ask questions! we’re all there to have fun and they really don’t bite) It’s going to be a great walk if the weather holds out!

So very closed

What to bring?

Well, camera kit is your choice, but remember that we will be walking and if you plan on bringing a whole lot of kit, we won’t have anyone on hand to rub your shoulders! The roads are flat and there isn’t much uphill / downhill to speak of. We won’t be moving fast and we won’t leave people behind.

If you have any questions, feel free to post below in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them.

See you all on Saturday!


Post from: Digital Photography School – Photography Tips. Check out our resources on Portrait Photography Tips, Travel Photography Tips and Understanding Digital Cameras.


London Photo Walk This Week!

Digital Photography School

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0

17 Feb

Kerry from takes you on a tour of some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0.