RuneScape High-Level BOSS Monsters Solo (Part 3b)

28 Sep

Music used: — Killzone 2 – Autarch’s Sanctum Battle Final Fantasy XII – Speechless Fight X-Ray Dog – Dethroned Part 3 of the High Level RuneScape boss monsters solo. Part B is the final half of part 3. To answer who will ask how I’m hitting the Corporeal beast a lot is because when using Statius’s warhammer special attack, it can reduce the target’s defence by 30% when attack is successful. Unlike Sap Warrior/Leech Defence, Curse (spell), and Enfeeble, the 30% reduction can stack. The cheaper method would be using Darklight’s special attack that can reduce Attack, Strength and Defence by 5% with a successful hit.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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