Silent Hill 2 – HD Stereoscopic 3D (Anaglyph) – Various Cutscenes

12 Apr

READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING NOTE: Must have anaglyph glasses (red/cyan lenses) to properly view this video. Made possible with use of the IZ3D 3D driver. The IZ3D driver makes DirectX 9 and higher games in stereo 3D whereas Silent Hill 2 PC uses DirectX 8. Unfortunately I cannot adjust the seperation/convergence for the 3D depth with this game. It’s lucky this even worked but there are various glitches while using it: Anywhere James can and does use his flashlight “blacks” out the entire environment. An example of this is near the end of the video when James is shooting Pyramid Head through the closet. The light caused by the pistol flash glitches out whatever the light is touching.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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