3D Stereoscopic Test 2 – Successful? – YouTube 3D Feature

05 Jun

Testing 3D feature on YouTube. 3D feature was successfully enabled. (There are still problem with accuracy of 2 images position…) 3D stereoscopic photos by Yo Suzuki ( Originally shot in parallel format using Canon dSLR & Loreo 3D stereoscopic lens with no post production position alignment of 2 images. I only have parallel 3D glasses(Loreo) and wondering if it really looks 3D on other viewing system, specially interleave interlace format with active shutter glasses system. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Got no 3D glasses? You can try “Cross-eyed” or “Parallel” viewing method without 3D glasses(free-viewing). You can NOT use 3D glasses from Avatar or IMAX theaters to watch this in 3D on computer monitors. They are “Passive Polarized 3D glasses” which usually requires 3D projection system. My past 3D movie DVD(Chromadepth 3D viewing) Test 1 – 3D mode failed by “AudioSwap” YouTube 3D official page


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