3D Last Hydrangea of Summer (Stereoscopic DOF HD Video)

11 Aug

Panasonic GH1, a micro four thirds DSL(R) camera is twined for 3D shot. GH1 can shot not only 12Mpixel still photo but HD video (Max. 1920×1080 AVCHD at 1080/24P) as well. Photos of stereoscopic rigs and sync test results can be found at my Flickr site. This video is the first shot for 3D video with twin GH1 rig at Kobe Forest Arboretum on Hydrangea, just ending their season. One of the advantages of GH1 is that many manual focus SLR lens with low F number can be adapted with specific adapters. Therefore Very shallow DOF video can be shot. BTW, another advantage is low light shot performance due to bright lens and relatively large image sensor.I used 135mm stereobase setting with Canon FD lenses, 50mm/F1.4 and 135mm/F2.5 at full open aperture with ND filter to maximize the shallowness of DOF for this shot. For YouTube HD version: Too shallow DOF? Maybe. This is the extreme test to control DOF and follow focus of the stereoscopic HD video. DOF and Stereoscopy may be a controversial topics. I look forward to hearing any comments from viewers on this topics. To view this video in 3D, select viewing style first from 12 option of drop down list box named “3D View Style”, Red/cyan, amber/blue etc. requires 3D glasses. Some other options, parallel and cross etc. doesn’t require any glasses. No viewing style with polarization type glasses like Real D is supported by YouTube 3D so far. 3D view style drop down menu may not appear unless using latest


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