“Battle of Maxia” – Picard Manoeuvre. Surprise attack on USS Stargazer by unknown vessel

17 Dec

“Battle of Maxia” – Picard Manoeuvre. Surprise attack on USS Stargazer by unknown vessel. A back-story for events described in the season one Star Trek TNG episode “The Battle”. There’s a spelling mistake in the title as it said “batte” not battle! – – – – – 3D Models: ST5 Shuttle by H Gibbens Oberth/Schmidt variant by Robert J. Willson aka xfozzboute Constellation-class and Ferengi vessel (Elements of the Concorde-class mesh with modified textures) Cyrille ‘Tachy’ Lefevre Explosion footage: Detonation Films Music: Dennis McCarthy Background info sources: TNG episode – “The Battle” TNG novel – “The Buried Age” – – – – – Made purely for non-profit purposes. STAR TREK is a registered trademark of CBS/Paramount Pictures etc. No infringement intended.

NOTE: All rights and credit reserved for Monty Oum (the creator), Square Enix, and Tecmo (the original franchises of the characters). I take no responsibility for the making of this glorious animation and simply bring it to you the audience. All praises and thanks should be directed toward The Great Monty Oum. Check out his profile which can be found here: This high quality animation was originally posted Mon, July 13, 2009. It can be found on gametrailers (link provided below) where it can be downloaded in SD and HD SD: HD: Please, Rate and Comment. Enjoy! Music: Devils Never Cry from the Devil May Cry 3 OST Commentary: This is my favorite of all time series and deals with 3D animation and one of my biggest inspirations. I would just like to thank Monty Oum for creating such a spectacular piece of cinematography and the best of luck in his future endeavors. On a personal note though, for all those SSBB enthusiast, wouldnt it be grand if something like this came to Brawl. Maybe someday ;D
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