15 August, 2010 – More Than 90 Minutes of New LR3 Training Videos Now Online

26 Aug

We have just made available more than 90 minutes of new video segments to our new Lightroom 3 Video Tutorial.

New topics which have changed dramatically since LR2 and which are now covered in depth, include Sharpening and Noise Reduction.

If you’ve already purchased our LR3 tutorial, just log onto your account on the LuLa Store and download them.

BUT FIRSTPlease Read the New Table of Contents PDF.

You will learn that we have restructured the files and the ZIPs that they are found in. There are now multiple video files per ZIP. Also, if you’ve already downloaded ZIP #15, please do so again, because it now contains new material.

THEREFOREPlease Read the New Table of Contents PDF.


If you haven’t yet discovered the most comprehensive learning tool available for Adobe’s Lightroom, now’s the time to do so while it’s still priced at -10%.

And remember, if you previously purchased the LuLa Guide to Lightroom 2 you can get an additional 10% off through the use of a special coupon code. More in formation can be found here.


Earlier this year, Sean Reid of Reid Reviews surveyed photographers about they would like to see happen with the evolution of the Leica DRF (digital rangefinder) camera. Readers may recall that I looked at this same topic in an essay called An Open Letter to Leica and Mark Dubovoy also contributed ideas in an essay called Leica, A Different View.

Sean has just published a summary and analysis of the survey results and the new article on his site titled Thoughts About a Future Leica DRF. It provides engaging reading for anyone who is interested in the future of the DRF camera. Reid Review is a paid subsciption web site and accepts no advertising.

"These tutorials have made my understanding of much of the digital world so much easier.
It is far easier to watch these two experts and learn than trying to understand from some of the ‘encyclopedias’ that are on the market, and at a price that is excellent value for money."

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