19 August, 2010 – ID-Release, a Model Release Manager

26 Aug

There are a vast number of useful apps for the iPhone, but one that pro photographers may find of use is ID-Release, a model release manager. Contributor Jim Martin today provides us with his review.


I have been shooting near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park this past week with the exciting new Sony VG-10 and 18-200mm lens. The VG-10 is the world’s first camcorder with a large sensor (APS-C) and interchangable lenses. It is also a still camera with a 14MP sensor as well as being a camcorder.

How did it fare? Watch for my field report by the weekend.


"These tutorials have made my understanding of much of the digital world so much easier.
It is far easier to watch these two experts and learn than trying to understand from some of the ‘encyclopedias’ that are on the market, and at a price that is excellent value for money."

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