RuneScape – D3x solos High-Level Monsters (Part 2 of 2)

17 May

HIGH QUALITY Link: HD MODE Link: Click this link to see Part 1: Song(s) used: Miku Hatsune – Higo Sai [Asylum Festival] (???) {sm5892419} Metal Slug 7 – The Beginning is the End Metal Slug 7 – He has Elevated in Rank Guilty Gear Isuka – The Cat Attached to the Rust Part 2 of 2 murdering the last four bosses within the God Wars Dungeon! As an added bonus, you will see how I solo the most terrifying boss in a more dangerous way. 😀 Part 2 of 2 Boss List —————— Kree’arra (level-580) [HP:255] Commander Zilyana (level-596) [HP:255] General Graardor (level-624) [HP:255] K’ril Tsutsaroth (level-650) [HP:255] FAQs — Q: Why are you fighting K’ril without melee prayer? Are you insane!? Perhaps I am? This is suppose to be a challenge that I personally thought of to test my experiences throughout combat. As long as you have good defence and armour you will not get hit as often, alternatively stand underneath him to stall for time lol. Armour doesn’t determine the damage you will take from his melee attacks, it will lessen the chance to take damage. However this is still inadvisable for inexperienced players who are willing to fight K’ril. Q (or is it?): Wow you suck, Sosolid2kk owns you. (unless you’re mentioning someone else) First, I wanna see you solo every boss, and also not get anyone else involved unless you’re his/her concubine; still pathetic if you do so. Disclaimers: – I do not own the music used in this video
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