RuneScape – D3x solos High-Level Monsters (Part 1 of 2)

21 Apr

HIGH QUALITY Link: HD MODE Link: Click this link for Part 2: Song(s) used: Miku Hatsune – Electric Angel (guitar mix) {sm4069267} Miku Hatsune – Test Tube Princess {sm3661218} UPDATE Lyrics are now available for the first song in both English and Romanji (Romanized). I’m not able to subtitle the second song, though you can still find the original video with the lyrics. You can turn these off by using the Closed Captions feature. D3x Und3f1n3 returns to murder all known bosses (excluding Corporeal Beast and TzTok-Jad) on his own, along with a desired familiar with him. 🙂 Melee weapons used: —- Armadyl godsword (used for high damage) Saradomin sword (used for speed) Zamorakian spear* (used for stabbing accuracy) * against Giant Mole only Part 1 of 2 Boss list: —————— Giant Mole (level-230) [HP:200] King Black Dragon (level-276) [HP:240] Mithril Dragon (level-304) [HP:254] Chaos Elemental (level-305) [HP:250] Dagannoth Prime (level-303) {mage} [HP:255] Dagannoth Supreme (level-303) {range} [HP:255] Dagannoth Rex (level-303) {meleé} [HP:255] Kalphite Queen (level-333) [HP:255] (for each stage) Tormented Demon (level-450) [HP:326] FAQs — Q (or is it?): Wow you suck, Sosolid2kk owns you. (unless you’re mentioning someone else) First, I wanna see you solo every boss, and also not get anyone else involved unless you’re his/her concubine; still pathetic if you do so. Q: How is the Giant Mole considered a boss? I wish
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