What’s in Erin’s Handbag? Photo tips for people on the go.

24 Nov

Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop: Develop Your Digital Photography Talent (Photo Workshop) LEARN TO CAPTURE PERSONALITIES WITH YOUR LENS Taking great “people pictures” isn’t a matter of luck. The secret is in observing your subjects and connecting with them, and then using your camera to its best advantage. Here’s how to work with lighting, location, angle, composition, physical characteristics, environment, and a host of other variables, including the unique challenges of photographing babies, group activities, and action. Apply these techniques and watch your subjects come to life; then test your newfound skills by completing the assignments at the end of each chapter and collecting feedback on your work at Book Description * Erin Manning, DIY Network host of The Whole Picture, tells aspiring photographers how to take outstanding photos of people in this full-color book filled with great images * Helps readers gain the skills and confidence to successfully use the digital camera as a tool to create and capture life’s moments * Every chapter ends with an assignment that readers are encouraged to complete and then upload their best image to to share with others and receive critiques * Introduces the technology and the basics for developing an artistic eye, arming readers with real-life techniques that will help them connect with and photograph people


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