Mirrors Edge in stereoscopic 3D

20 Apr

I can’t run it on full details with Fraps. Sorry for bad resolution. IZ3D 1.10.

YOUTUBE HELP CENTER : YT3D: Preparing videos for 3D viewing here on YouTube! Background: This video was shot on July 28th 2009 looking south from the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway as it leaves from the 60th street platform at 2nd Avenue. The Tram heads East along the north side of the Queensborough Bridge (The 59th Street Bridge) and arrives at the Island 4 and a half minutes later. In ‘Depth’ HOW TO: First off, you MUST have SEPARATE LEFT AND RIGHT EYE VIDEOS to produce full real 3D video for YouTube. You’ll also need access to a fairly good Non Linear Editor like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere that will allow you to composite and distort your original HD or Standard Definition videos. I used Final Cut Pro so I’ll be describing instructions for that app, but this procedure can be followed in almost any NLE. This example video here on this page was uploaded as a SIDE BY SIDE video at 1280×720. The 16:9 left and right ‘eyes’ have their aspect ratios distorted to accomplish this. in the NLE’s timeline. To do this in Final Cut Pro, Load each clip into the viewer and go to the distort section of the Motion Tab. Slide the Aspect Ratio slider to 100 which makes the videos display at half their original width. Do this to both the LEFT and RIGH EYES Now, position the left clip at -360, 0 and the other to +360, 0. If you’re using video that is a size other than 1280×720, these numbers will be different. (They can be ‘swapped’ later using ‘tags’ if you have them backwards. See
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