Pink FLoyd Anaglyph 2

29 Mar

A fair attempt to make anaglyph depth-perception of a small sequence from the Pink Floyd – Live af Pompeii. Put on your red/cyan glasses How it’s done: When you make anaglyph pictures with normal still photography you take two almost identical pictures but you move the camera about 6 cm (parallel to the first) before taking pic. number 2. In many movies the director puts the camera on rails and rolls it slowly sideways. By that you actually have the pictures with the 6 cm difference just by time-shifting them a bit. I use Adobe After Effects. There’s an effect called 3d perspective that uses the the red channel from one layer and the green and blue from another layer. If you use the film-clip with the sideways movement for both layers but time-shifts the one layer slightly you will get the 3d effect. But, as you see, you can only use those small movie segments where the camera moves sideways and usually there shouldn’t be people in the clip

Over the years many, many 3D movies have been released to VHS, LaserDisc, DVD, and Blu Ray in an anaglyph format (those silly red/cyan or green/magenta glasses are used.) Many of these movies are obscure or the original full color prints are lost. In this video I demonstrate an AVISynth script which handles most of the issues in making a quality full color conversion. The script works with both red/cyan and green/magenta input formats, does color correction, builds either side-by-side or top-bottom video files, works with high resolution 1080p anaglyph, deals with color fringing, outputs in a variety of file formats including AVI, MKV, and WMV, works with 5:1, 7:1, etc… audio, and many more features. To get the full scoop and download the script, check out It’s all open source.
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