Focal Meditation for Lucid Dreams (Binaural – 3D Stereoscopic)

15 Sep

Powerful blend of Anaglyph Stereoscopic Visual and Binaural audio stimulators designed to induce Lucid Dreams Electronic devices that use light impulses to promote transcendental meditative states have been around for a long time. The technology is based on the fact that brainwaves have a tendency to change with light based stimulation of certain frequencies. This phenomenon is known as entrainment. Utilizing the entrainment effect on the human mind, the BinauralFX team has designed Stereoscopic Visual Stimulators that are able to induce a deep meditative state in a very short time. These visuals are tailored to awaken hypersensory perception, which ultimately allows the mind to further evolve. It’s truly fascinating how the human mind interprets visual rhythmical patterns, ones hypersensory perception are engaged mind starting to tune on repeatable visual patterns with a similar algorithm it tunes to music in the normal state, distortion of that pattern are gets interpreted as an alternate reality. People who are able to see the 4th dimension in stereograms would really understand that idea. BinauralFX stereo visuals are a multidimensional experience program, where the mind can tune to visual patterns presented on many visual layers as well as a binaural sound beat. The deeper the concentration the further the Rabbit will go down the hole. Anaglyph 3D is the best medium founded so far to present described experiences. Meditators need to wear red and blue

Please use a red blue eye glasses.(Left-Red/Right-Cyan)
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