3D animation. -Party Play-

26 Sep

it take about 4 month. using 3dmax9, combustion.,fumeFX for my collage’s summer animation show. i hope to make it like RPG game with humorous. and rendered it like toy or doll thing. infact, it was planned took 2 month more. but because of visiting Fiji, i just had very short time. it was very tight work. and i always found that preproduction is one of the most important part of making animaton and it’s what i always dont care too. ;( anyway, hope you enjoy it. thx

My next personnal project. It took me approximatly 5 weeks for the whole thing, done inbetween jobs at work. The story is a little vague as I basically made it up as I went along. For some reason the audio fades towards the end which isn’t on the original, I’m gonna update with a newer version soon. Software used: 3DSmax9, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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