Anaglyphs! (Stereoscopic 3D iPhone Game)

14 Aug

This is a video walkthrough of Anaglyphs!, the first Stereoscopic 3D game for the iPhone. Viewing in 3D requires red/cyan 3D glasses. Please note that video compression is not kind to anaglyphic 3D images, though it will give you a good idea of the game’s features. See for screenshots! Available feb 17th for iPhone and iPod touch.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING NOTE: Must have anaglyph glasses (red/cyan lenses) to properly view this video. Mirror’s Edge being played on the PC with PhysX enabled in stereoscopic 3D (anaglyph) using the IZ3D driver. The stereo setting used is “Optimized Anaglyph” which turns all red-colored textures in the game yellow and dulls any blues (this is done as to not interfere with the red/cyan stereo effects used for anaglyph glasses as they would conflict with each other). Using anaglyph as a stereo isn’t perfect. Primarily, you can’t make both near and distant objects perfectly 3D–you must give and take. This is done through seperation and convergance. (I’m not going to explain how these work.) By adjusting the seperation and convergance you can make near, middle or far objects appear 3D. If near objects are 3D then most distant objects will be out of focus and vice versa. With a game like Mirror’s Edge, I made distant objects appear 3D (since the game is based on vertigo) so anything up-close will be out of focus. Additionally, anaglyph is an “outdated” stereo mode and not only skews the video’s/game’s color palette but isn’t –as– effective in making things appear 3D as current stereo modes used today (think of the “RealD” 3D experience you often see in movie theaters these days). Computer Specs: Pentium Quad Core Processor 2 NVidia 8800GT graphic cards using SLI 2GB RAM (I know, this is seriously under-powered) There may be times when the frame rate drops below 30 FPS
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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