1+1=4D: Stereoscopic Video in Real Time

13 Aug

In 1993, I discovered this technique using two video cameras, two video projectors and two sets of polarized 3D glasses to create live stereoscopic video. The effect is AWESOME! It must be seen to be believed. This video only hints at the possibilities. The cameras could be very small and close together creating a stereoscopic view as if one were miniature in a giant world or very far apart creating a 3D view as if one were a giant in a miniature world. Just imagine! If anyone ever uses the technique I would be thrilled to know about it. I tried to interest the Exploratorium in the idea for possible exhibit development but they passed. With little chance to develop more on my own, I release it to the world. You’re welcome! -Michael Joseph Woody
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Stereoscopic Bike Tour of my hyper-yuppie Bainbridge hood. Music: Shostakovich Piano Concerto 2 Allegro.


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