Stereoscopic 3D Workflow in After Effects – Tutorial 2 (1/4)

12 Aug

PART II: Processing & Editing Stereo Footage In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the stereo scripts for Adobe After Effects in order to prepare and edit stereoscopic video footage. Again, please note that this is just an exemplary workflow that you are free to modify according to your needs. Also, this tutorial is not a comprehensive explanation of the stereo scripts – only very few features are demonstrated. I highly encourage you to play around with the scripts; you’ll definitely find ways in which they can help accomplishing your stereoscopic work. Admittedly, the examples in this tutorial are not too fancy (they’re actually pretty ugly), but their purpose is merely to provide a technical demonstration. It’s up to you to take it from here and apply this knowledge to great, ground-breaking projects. By the way, I am aware that After Effects is not an editing tool. However, you CAN (in small amounts) use it as such. Alternatively, you can adjust your footage on a shot-by-shot basis in AE, export the shots separately and edit them in a dedicated piece of software, like Premiere, Final Cut, Avid or the best of all, Windows Movie Maker. But then the process is not as fluent, since you can not interactively adjust your footage depending on what your edit requires. You can download the scripts here:
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