Ground Effect 1.1 now in Stereoscopic 3D

13 Aug

Ground Effect Version 1.1 now featuring Stereoscopic 3D mode via red/cyan glasses If you have other colored 3D glasses check out our other videos. Ground Effect does not require 3D glasses and runs faster in standard mode: Standard Stereo 3D iPhone 3gs & iPod Touch 3g 60 FPS 30 FPS iPod Touch 2g 40 FPS 20 FPS iPhone 2g/3g & iTouch 1g 30 FPS 15 FPS 60 FPS = awesomely smooth, 40 FPS = Very smooth 30 FPS = smooth (the rate that most console and fast iPhone games run at) 20 FPS = Playable but noticeably less smooth than in standard mode 15 FPS – Semi-playable but will have a small impact on your ability to get fast times, for serious play use standard mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

New Tutorial on stereoscopic 3D movie making using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. I explain how to edit and composite 3D no-budget productions.


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