3D Legoland – stereoscopic LEGO

09 May

Legoland in 3D without glasses – or with glasses. You need ANAGLYPH 3D glasses (eg RED+BLUE)! The new 3D-Cinema Shutter-glasses DO NOT WORK ON YOUTUBE! Choose how you want to watch it on our YT-Site!
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PART I: Stereoscopic Animation And Motion Graphics This tutorial should provide a starting point for establishing a basic stereoscopic workflow in Adobe After Effects. Please note that this is just an exemplary workflow that you are free to modify according to your needs. For instance, “Auto Link Properties” should not generally be turned on, since it causes increased conversion and rendering times. Also, this tutorial is not a comprehensive explanation of the stereo scripts – only very few features are demonstrated. You can download the scripts here:
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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