3D Alice (Stereoscopic wide angle HD video test No.1 with twin GoPro HD)

19 May

Direct link to HD Video Test of stereoscopic wide angle HD video with twin GoPro HD video camera. Angle of View is 170 deg. for the 720P-60fps mode used for this particular video. Stereo base was about 30mm. No lens distortion correction. Reduction of stereo base for closed-up stereoscopic shot in half mirror type beam splitter type equipment is very difficult task because huge mirror is required for wide angle lenses. With flipping configuration of twin GoPro HD camera stereo base of 30 mm can be realized. This is a preliminary close-up video using 30 mm stereobase twin GoPro HD video camera for my dear Persian cat, Alice. Photos of twin Gopro 3D rigs are shown at;

Visit for a higher-res version of this animation. Simply cross your eyes until the left and right images converge in the center of your field of view. (It helps to keep your head still and level.) …Enjoy the show!! The song “The Scientist” is by Coldplay. (I’m working on obtaining permission.)


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