ANAGLYPH by the Photosonic Orchestra ( promo video )

06 May

ANAGLYPH by Photosonic Orchestra (Elec Trip Records | EMI) – Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc. TRACK LIST : 01 Prelude 02 Infinite in infinity 03 Evening 04 You make me laugh 05 perAmy 06 Nocturne (feat. Robotnik) 07 Blue Moon Performed, produced and mixed by Vika and Julyo All music by Giulio “Julyo” D’Agostino (BMI) and Filippo “Vika” Vicario (IMRO) Published by Elec-Trip Records Special guests: Antonello d’Orazio ( sax on ‘Prelude’ and ‘You make me laugh’), Martyna ‘Tyna’ Halas (vocals on ‘Infinte in infinity’), Christopher ‘Robotnik’ Morrin (vocals in ‘Nocturne’) ANAGLYPH Anaglyph images are used to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect, when viewed with 2 color glasses (each lens a chromatically opposite color, usually red and blue). The record features studio versions of the music performed live during the band 3D DJ/VJ shows, the Photosonic Orchestra live shows uses a strong visual element in conjunction with ‘anaglyph movies’. The record sound is a dark melodic combination of classical and jazz influenced compositions, futuristic synthesizers in the style of Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre, and contemporary dance beats.

stereoscopic video for anaglyph glasses
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