Experimental Anaglyph 3D Film With Motion Effects.

01 Jul

YOU WILL NEED RED/CYAN 3D GLASSES TO VIEW THIS FILM CORRECTLY! At the moment YouTube’s compression has made the film unwatchable at full screen, I’ll try uploading it in Divx format when I get the time. Be warned, this film contains a rather unpleasant reversed vomiting scene (that’s tea in his mouth by the way) This is the first time I’ve experimented using 2 cameras to create a 3D effect. This film is not meant to be a great artistic statement or anything it’s just a muck about to see what works and what doesn’t. It seems to work, though some things must be considered. Due to rendering errors (it was too late to do anything about this) the edges of moving objects are jagged which dulls the 3D effect as well as looking ugly. For effective, smooth 3D, the camera(s) must be kept as static as possible, especially horizontally. This did not happen very often. All the shots are poorly framed and lit. I am aware of this. It’s partly due to the fact that to ensure both camera’s images are identical the settings must be set to “auto”. Also editing 3D footage is really hard work, wearing coloured glasses while rearranging 2 overlapping bits of film causes blinding headaches and nausea after an hour or so. Anyway, this proves that I can make the concept work so hopefully I can make a much more polished film in the future. I’m not a skilled musician. Would have been nice to spend longer on the soundtrack. That’s half an hours work on Orion and Reaktor.


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