This designer end table also functions as a Lightbox for product photography

22 Nov

A Red Dot Design Concept Award for 2019 was recently given to Photo Table, a design concept that transforms a lightbox into a piece of furniture that can be used to display decorative items. The table has a simple, modern design with a dome frame and internal light.

The concept comes from designers with South Korean company Zinus Inc, which says about Photo Table:

For this furniture to be used as a side display table, it should blend in beautifully with any living space, while serving as a tool to make pictures more. To express your lifestyle, directly record personal collections and crafts on the Photo Table and share the images via social media in an instance.

The concept involves a design that can be packed flat and assembled using ‘a minimum number of bolts.’ When assembled, the semi-transparent PET panels form the frame ‘walls,’ which are interchangeable using clips; the background is also described as interchangeable. The table was designed to hide outlines and allow light from external lamps to penetrate, ultimately providing a space where items can be rapidly photographed.

The company doesn’t say whether there are any plans to commercialize the design, but it remains a fun concept that could easily inspire photographers who have the right DIY skills for making their own version.

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