Canon unveils the EOS Ra, a full-frame mirrorless astrophotography camera

06 Nov

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Canon very quietly today released a dedicated astrophotography version of its EOS R camera, the EOS Ra.

Much like the Nikon D810a and Canon’s own 60Da, the EOS Ra has been modified to better capture celestial objects in the night sky, but aside from that remains unchanged from its more conventional counterpart. Specifically, Canon has modified the IR filter in front of the full-frame sensor, to allow the Ra to capture as much as four times the amount of hydrogen alpha rays (656nm wavelength) compared to the standard EOS R camera. This alteration will make it easier to capture the deep red infrared rays given off by objects in space.

The EOS Ra also offers a 30x magnification option in the EVF and in Live View, a dramatic increase from the 10x magnification found in the standard EOS R. This increase should make it easier to focus on celestial bodies to get focus just right.

Aside from those two alterations, the EOS Ra is effectively identical to the EOS R, complete with the 30MP sensor, 3.69M-dot OLED EVF, dot-matrix LED panel and magnesium-alloy body.

The Canon EOS Ra is currently available to pre-order for $ 2,500. No estimated shipping timeframe has been given at this time.

Update: As of 5pm PT, the EOS Ra product page on has been removed. We have asked Canon for clarification and will update this article accordingly.

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