3D Music Video – Gloria Proof of Concept 3D Test Shots

17 Mar

3D Music Video Proof of concept and early test shots. Note this does not represent the quality of the final video it is being shown for 3d filmmakers who may be interested to see some intermediate shots in the process. Watch the final video here on YouTube or download to watch on your 3d TV or 3d Vision enabled PC from our website now. Amazing Hologram Effect Stereoscopic Kiosk 3D Music Video – Gloria (The Death of Me) Red Blue 3D Glasses Needed. Scotland’s first 3d music video. This is a 3D music video created byEnhanced Dimensions for The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel. The music is “Gloria (The Death of Me)” by Edinburgh indie band The Raw I’s. The video comprises a hologram version of the band performing in a holographic projection kiosk/ stereoscopic booth. The video was influenced by the arcade game “time traveller”. It’s like Princess Leia beaming from R2D2 – but not quite as sexy! The Stereoscopic 3D Video Channel is an online 3D TV channel dedicated to showing the best in creative stereoscopic 3D videos and 3d animations. Enhanced Dimensions presents some of the best stereoscopic 3d videos on YouTube. HOW TO MAKE 3D VIDEOS If you are interested in learning how to create Stereo 3-d videos, or how to convert 2d to 3d movies using Adobe After Effects please visit for comprehensive tutorials. FREE 3D GOODIES Get FREE 3d glasses, 3D Birthday Cards, 3D Videos, 3d desktops and other 3D goodies now from
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Crysis running @ 1680 x 1050 on custom Very High settings, everything enabled in full stereoscopic 3D! Stereo 3D visuals created using the DDD TriDef Ignition driver, captured using FRAPS, edited with VirtualDub and processed with StereoMovie Maker. Naturally some quality was lost in the process. Learn how you can game in TRUE 3D at MTBS3D.COM
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