CORALINE SNEAK PEEK WEEK – Day 5: Coraline in the Higher Dimensions

14 Dec

“Coraline” will be the first stop-motion animated film specifically designed for 3D projection. In this featurette, day 5 of Coraline Sneak Peek Week, the filmmakers discuss the process of shooting in 3D, and about how uniquely terrifying it is. The director, Henry Selick, has made a stop-motion film that later had 3D added (“The Nightmare Before Christmas”), but “Coraline” is shot specifically with a 3D camera. Stop-motion, since it uses real models, puppets and materials, is one of the most eerily real forms of animation there is, so 3D is a natural fit for Coraline. In this featurette, we’ll see just what kind of 3D tricks director Henry Selick and writer Neil Gaiman have up their sleeve! This clip is shown courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes and IGN. “Coraline” ©2008 Focus Features and LAIKA Entertainment House.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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