How To run Virtual Boy in Maximus Arcade

03 Dec

How To run Virtual Boy in Maximus Arcade Download Mednafen: mednafen-09x.cfg: vb.anaglyph.preset disabled vb.anaglyph.lcolor 0xff0000 vb.anaglyph.rcolor 0x000000 vb.disable_parallax 1 Configure Buttons: alt+shift+1 ShateredSoul at WordPress: ShateredSoul at youtube: Free 3D glasses: or here Tags: How To run Virtual Boy in Maximaus Arcade EMULATOR INSTALL RUN TUTORIAL DEMO HOW TO electronics technology howto gaming computers tips tricks software consoles Fullscreen dolphin Nintendo Wii Gamecube DS SEGA ATARI LYNX JAGUAR WONDERSWAN FRONTEND MAME CAB Colecovision Commodore 64 Magnavox Odyssey2 Turbo-Grafx 16 Gameboy Advance Dreamcast GENESIS SATURN Sega Master System GameGear Atari Lynx Handy


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