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05 Nov

If the video is jerky or the quality is too low try these: ANAGLYPH 3DHD: HD1080p (normal): 3D animation movie trailer in yt3D format to test YouTube’s new 3D feature. If you have circular polarized glasses (like RealD) and a special 3D monitor eg Zalman or iZ3D then you can watch youtube 3D videos choosing the ‘Row interleave’ view style from the 3D dropdown menu under the video window. If you don’t have? any 3D equipment then you can even try the cross-eyed method without glasses. Have a good PC!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video in 3d is red cyan glass.i take a shaver and give you a hair cut trust me ill do a good job. This is an anaglyph 3D movie.use red and blue cyan glasses to watch.this 3d video was made with two cameras 2 and a half inches apart. the shaver comes out of the screen and really looks like im shaving your head.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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