“Wind Turbine” “VAWT” “Wind Gin” Long Version

05 Nov

“VAWT” “Wind Turbine” Feel “free” to use any of these “concepts” in your “windmill” designs. The wing or plate that swings on a vertical rod has been around forever and the rest are just “conceptual designs” that I came up with. An engineer proficient using AVIs stress analysis application could determine structural integrity issues using these drawings. Who knows; maybe someone will perfect this “design concept” and build them to the same height as the large HAWTs. I (think) “Vertical Axis Wind Turbines” have the leverage potential to produce more power at lower wind speeds. I am amazed by the large HAWTs and many of the modern VAWTs but I hope that engineers, innovators and last but not least, financial risk takers will continue to find ways to lower the required wind speed. Constructive comments are welcomed. If you do not have any, Yes We Can! works for me. Thanks for viewing.


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