20 September, 2010 – Photography, Rain or Shine

17 Oct

Is the weather rotten? Raining? Snowing? Too hot? Too cold? A good day to stay in bed and read LuLa on your iPad?

Fugedaboutit. Get up, grab your camera and get outside. That’s the lesson learned by many photographers over the years. Get outside your comfort zone. Push yourself. You may come home at the end of the day, cold and wet, and possibly without a single worthwhile shot. Or you might have captured something wonderful.

You can read more on this thought by Contributor Mark Dubovoy in his latest essay – Photography, Rain or Shine.

Speaking of Mark, he is now on his way to Germany for this week’s bi-annual Photokina show. Mark will be reporting regularly throughout the week on the major product announcements as well as many of the more obscure ones that we know will interest LuLa readers.

"Awesome video presentation.
I have learnt so much more after looking through this on the weekend.  The tip about pushing blacks and fill light in the Basic Module was worth the price alone.  My images of a recent trip to the Australian Outback are popping and punching with delight!
Thanks Michael and Jeff – I really appreciate you taking the considerable time to share your in-depth knowledge and insights."


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