Fuji G-617 Panoramic Camera – A film camera that is Great for Landscape Photography…

31 Jan The Fuji G617 Panoramic camera is an absolute pleasure to own and to use, although it does have a few teething problems This camera was first developed in Japan by the Fuji Photo Film Company in 1982 and has the ability to take print or transparency film images at a size of 6cm x 17cm which look amazing on a light table and much better when you see a print hanging on your wall. The camera accepts film that is generally used in Medium Format cameras like Hasselblad, Rollei etc and is a larger sized film than the traditional 35mm film that many photographers were using before the invention of digital photography. I do not feel that digital photography will result in the demise of film photography, at least not for sometime Moving On The camera accepts two sized of film, actually the height of the film remains the same, it is actually the number of photographs available that really makes the difference. For example, on a roll of 120 sized film as a photographer you are limited to four shots per roll, and; on a roll of 220 film you are limited to eight shots per roll. To purchase this camera new can be expensive, film is expensive to purchase and so are costs involved in processing and printing. But, for some reason I keep coming back to this camera mainly as a result of the quality of the images. They are simply outstanding Admittedly, the camera is generally not used in everyday photography unless of course you are a professional
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