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20 Oct Looking for DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY ? Yes, DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY . It’s all here! I have a large collection of tips on digital photography in this page. Covers digital photography related issues, news, research, and much more! Please find more tips and guide for your Success in Photography at :
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Depth of Field in photography is one of the most important tools that you can use to assist you in achieving much better results as you understanding of how important your point of focus is and how to in that include your subjects as part of the background, or to separate them from the background. You do not need to use a depth of field calculator to determine depth of field, with a manual focusing lens that has the correct information listed on it; it is easily possible to determine what area of your photograph will be in focus and what area will not be in focus. Regardless of whether you are involved in digital photography or film photography, the use of depth of field is not only vital in giving you better quality photographs it will also assist you to improve your skills and knowledge in their chosen field of photography. Depth of field can be a very good digital photography tool and when you combine depth of field with shutter speed and aperture (or f-stop) it allows you to be much more creative with your photography. My videos will explain to you various aspects about depth of field for example will provide you with some camera tips, digital photography tips, nature photography tips, night photography tips and perhaps a few tips on macro photography.
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