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YT3D Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 – first test of Fuji W3 ( yt3d:enable=true )

31 Oct

First day with Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3. Filming my 2yr old daughter having fun at the playground in 3D, that’s a first for her too, althought she probably didn’t realize that. Somehow I never got round to taking my twin DSLR rig out with the kids as by the time I would have assembled and aligned it, she’d do something naughty because of the lack of attention. So anyway I was really looking forward to having a portable 3D HD device like to W3 was announced at 720p 3D. The camera’s build feels nice and robust, and althought I can’t compare it to the W1 as I never had it, this is actually alright. Being used to all manual options on a DSLR I was missing the freedom a bit, but I could get over it, unlike the tiniest field of view this camera has even at 16:9 setting for HD video, and only for 7MP stills, the 10MP stills are done in 2:3 aspect at even worse FOV. Ok, now the editing part. I have done some tests of automaticly aligning frame grabs and this is what I was getting: So I don’t think my cam’s manufactory lens alignment is too bad, but if yours is better of worse, send me a link to your results. This of coure requires either a floating window, which is what I have done in this video, or scaling up back to 720 which I don’t recommend as the video quality is really,and I mean really poor already when coming out of the cam. I could’t believe how poor it was, so I’ve checked some other videos I done with twin Vado HD’s – and they’re two years old – they look
Video Rating: 4 / 5 This is a tutorial on how to convert 2D Photos into 3D Models using 3Defy. You can view your models in 3D, and they come right out of your screen! You can share your models online, or create your own 3D galleries. Come join us at http and help us to 3Defy the web!
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Prater3D ( yt3d:enable=true )

19 Oct

All the rollercoaster rides of the Viennese Prater in stereoscopic 3D plus some other rides, like ghost trains and carousels! If you are having difficulties watching it in 3D, try swapping the images (in the 3D menu). Feedback welcome! Check my homepage at

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Arachnophobia 3D: encounter between a spider and a fly in stereo 3D yt3d:enable=true

02 Aug

Modern Stereo 3D Art : 3d animation in stereoscopic 3D showing the encounter between a spider and a fly. Not for people with arachnophobia. For viewing please use red anaglyph 3D glasses. This is my very first 3D animation and every element was designed to enhance the 3D effect. The spiders, think of a black widow or a tarantula, are embedded in a spider cob in form of a tunnel. This creates a stereo ramp, allowing the viewer to glide into the depth of the created space.

DeepSketch is the first anaglyph (coloured) 3D painting app for the iPad. With a pair of old-school 3D glasses you can sketch and paint awesome art that literally pops out of the screen! Get the app from the App Store here: In version 1.6 DeepSketch adds support for the Adonit Jot Touch, a wonderful pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad! With the Jot Touch you can easily vary the thickness of your lines by applying pressure when drawing. You can even control the depth of your 3D strokes by pressing harder on the stylus! With DeepSketch you can create beautiful pencil-like sketches which you can trace in 3D. All you need is an iPad, a pair of coloured 3D glasses and your imagination! For more information about the app, please visit
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Madagascar 3 Trailer in 3D Anaglypg red/cyan (yt3d:enable=true)

09 May

((((((((//////////3D Anaglifo\\\\\))))))))) :….:…:..:..:..By:Thales (videosdful):..:..:..:..:..:
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Splash Mountain in 3D (yt3d:enable=true)

22 Dec

Ridethrough of Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain ride in 3D.
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Downloaded from Played with Dolphin r6224 Recorded with FRAPS PC specs AMD 965 Phenom II X4 @ 3.4 GHz 4 GB Ram Radeon HD5770, 1GB DDR5 Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit Dolphin Settings: Enable Anaglyph Stereo and Enable Pixel Lighting You can adjust the “Stereo Separation” and “Focal Angle” as you can see in the video.


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Main Street Electrical Parade in 3D – Part 2 of 2 (yt3d:enable=true)

19 Dec

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade in Walt Disney World. To view in 2D, click the ‘3D’ button and select ‘Right Eye Only’ or ‘Left Eye Only’ To view Part 1:

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-Youtube 3D- DepthQ 3D Demo Reel A (yt3d:enable=true)

15 Dec

Trouble with 3D? Go here: Lightspeed Design Stereoscopic 3D Movie Channel Follow us: To watch HD-3D with our advanced 3D Flash WebPlayer utilizing our proprietary color algorithm:


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YT3D:enable=TRUE BEST 3D Video FourPlay

26 Sep

Anaglyph red cyan glasses are not needed to watch this 3d video but this is how it has been tested. In order to view this 3d video you can use a pair of red and cyan 3d glasses cyan is a light blue. Red and blue 3d glasses will not give you the full stereoscopic 3d effect like in avatar and gadgetvader. This video was made by creating two videos one for the left eye and one for the right eye then merging them so each eye sees the correct 3d image through the red cyan 3d anaglyph glasses . The 3d anaglyph video is a compilation of several short stereo 3d animations. Find out more at Get FREE 3-d red cyan glasses, Stereoscopic 3D Birthday Cards, 3D Videos andother 3D goodies now from For more info on Enhanced Dimensions: Contact us on +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Stereoscopic 3D Channel on Vimeo The Stereoscopic 3D Channel TESTBED on Vimeo +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Built and tested in Adobe After Effects to be viewed with Red Cyan 3D Glasses (Red Blue 3D Glasses). A 3D Stereoscopic Production for Enhanced Dimensions by Andrew Murchie. This was not created with the minoru 3d webcam.


YT3D Gadgetvader viral in 3D ( yt3d:enable=true )

30 Aug

#gadgetvader – viral tv ad for this years Gadget Show series. To be first aired on the 2nd of August 2010. 3D projection / video mapping onto Marble Arch in London, UK. Filmed in stereoscopic 3D with two Canon 550d (T2i) cameras. For the option of choosing your preferred 3D viewing method scroll to the 3D dropdown icon next to the resolution. Also change the resolution box to 1080p,and then immerse yourself into the 3D experience of being there.

We take a look at the Wazabee 3DeeShell for the iPhone 3G. The screen uses stereoscopic images and a filter to produce true 3D images. http
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Bloxx – stereoscopic short movie yt3d:enable=true

29 Aug

watch the making of: