Hand Rendered Animation Brachos

13 Jun

Hand rendered animation Media – Pen and Wash Back Story – Before time began… there was Chaos. A vast infinite realm of nothingness that consumed all things, a whiteness that never ended. Out of it was born Gaea, mother of earth. And from her womb came the Titans, a cosmological race of 12 divine beings that shaped and constructed the earth as they saw fit. They were lead by Kronos, a tyrant who ruled over the earth with an iron fist. Disgraced by her offspring, Gaea persuaded Kronos’ son, Zeus, to rise against the titans. So Zeus, along with his brothers, Hades and Poseidon, overthrew the titans and imprisoned them in Tartarus, a dungeon of torment and suffering which resides below even the Underworld, and so began the reign of the Olympians. However, Gaea had kept hidden from Zeus a 13th titan. For Brachos, the rock titan, the youngest of his brothers and sisters, remained hidden on earth, disguised as a mountain. There he watched nature and the animals around him. In his time alone he became fascinated by the bears that roamed the area, and so he fashioned himself a toy bear, which he held close at all times. When Zeus learnt that a titan still lived, he went forth to imprison Brachos. Upon finding him however, Zeus saw the titan’s juvenility as no threat and instead asked the titan to join him and the Olympians. Brachos accepted this offer. The rock titan watched the Olympians and saw them grow greedy and cruel with power, and so he ignored them. One day though, his


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