DECO3554 3D Animation Submission (Untitled)

26 May

My submission for my 3D Animation course. Follows a small robot named “Min Yon” through his exploration of unknown surroundings. Using raytracing for the shadows results in some texture flickering in some scenes and I didn’t have enough time to fix this.
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Download Link I’d like to start off with an incredibly massive thanks to SephirothDB or his youtube persona, Dobukera. Without his fantastic models, this project would not have progressed as far as it did. This will probably be my last video upload for a long, long time. This is a project I started over a year ago, the goal was to remake the last zone from Sonic & Knuckles as a 3D animation. I wanted to add additional story points at the beginning and end to compliment the existing canon of the game. This is evidenced by my little additive prologue where Sonic finds the emeralds in space. I had planned to have a sky-diving sequence where Sonic loses his power at the end, and dives after the falling master emerald with Tails picking both of them up in the nick of time. I would have shown them flying to the floating island, dropping off the emerald and roll the credits with them flying off just as the game did it. The plan was to finish. So why didn’t I finish? I got burnt out. Animation is a tough craft. It’s especially tough when you’re not sure of your own abilities. Slap that on top of having a full time animation job at the time, and it’s a nightmare having the will to make time for this. You spend all your day on Autodesk Maya, the last thing you want to do when you come home is load up Maya again. I’m releasing this now because I think things have really changed for me. I’ve moved away from my animation job, and got a new job working at BioWare
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