3D stereoscopic anaglyph, part_2 entering artgallery

15 Aug

For a perfect impression of the architecture of the virtual art gallery please visit the videos chronological, starting with part 1. Part 2: In this video you have been landing at the heliport of the gallery and you will be walking over the bridge and entering the gallery. At the end the „Cockpit (a kind of elevator) moves down from its location under the roof of the gallery. Mark Mender, one of the top german fashion photographers between 1961 and 1981 started a new carreer in 1982 in television post production, computeranimation and corporate video with his new company TV-ONE Studio. Since 2000 he started experimenting and producing 3D stereoscopic videos, first „interlaced for shutter glasses, later on also in „cross view pairs for screen projection. Having a lot of vintage prints and transparencies of his work as a fashion photographer, Mark Mender started 2006 to use his tools for computeranimation and editing to create his own virtual art gallery as website and DVD The gallery is a big modern building with realtime walkarounds, 8 slideshows and 5 Pavillions with special themes, like fashion photography in egypt, bali, tahiti and evern Alaska. Now there is also a 3D stereoscopic version available to be shown at vernissages and art exhibitions. An idea how it looks like in 3D you can see here as anaglyph videos for red/cyan-glasses. There will be more videos, like walks to the 5 Pavillions in the near future. The complete 2D full
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