3D Animation. Sci Fi Funk. Pilot Episode.

28 May

3D Animation set in 2064 AD. Adventures in futuristic urban life. Sci Fi Funk – 3D Animated Music Video. Get the music: Get the sounds: This series features Electronic Funk Music set to futuristic 3D Animation. It showcases my own ideas which come from the kind of Blade Runner/ Dystopia / CyberPunk worlds that we seem to be heading towards. In 2064 Ad the World’s major cities will be over crowded and highly cosmopolitan, to the extent that a kind of world English will emerge, which borrows words from many languages, this is starting to happen now. It is possible that the earth’s atmosphere may have deteriorated to such an extent that many people seek the shelter of the big City domes with their controlled weather environments. Of course some people go it alone in the country risking skin cancer, but many flock to the Domes, where there is relative safety and where the work is. The big cities house the average person in huge skyscrapers, the tallest of which is 270 floors built in Peking. The average height is 190 floors. The rich / poor divide is very evident and with living space at a premium only the very rich own houses and land, or live at the top of the skyscrapers. The rest of the population fight over the size of apartment they can afford, the higher you go the better the “class” of apartment. “violence is prohibited”. This is a global law, passed just a year ago. The nanny state has gone mad and to “protect” its citizens

We recently scanned the whole of the Museum’s Great Hall and its objects with a 3D laser scanner. As the resulting animation was so startling (& slightly unnerving) we thought you’d like to see it. It’s not of broadcast quality (no sound in the clip for example), however it’s well worth watching just to see how close to the actual, physical Great Hall this animation looks. None of this is actual film footage, it’s simply points of data built up by firing beams of lasers at the objects (and the visitors, who you might spot as ‘spindles’ walking around the exhibits) in the Museum, and then transferred to a computer to build 3D models.


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