Amazing 3D medical animation !

26 Jun

WWW.FOUNDATIONSKILLS.NET this is a sample from an innovative training system called providing round the clock online training for medics…check out the website! There is also a simular surgical system avilable.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 With a background from filming music videos and editing, i wanted to push DAZ Studio beyond what´s been done before. The share amount of frames needed to edit this video is over 12000. The original video is rendered and edited at 900 x 506. I had two PC´s rendering 24 for the last three weeks. The short timeframe was the biggest challange. Things had to be made simple and render real fast despite the “complex” scenes. I´m happy with the result, despite some rendering errors and occasional crashes. Thanks DAZ, Dreamlight Team and GoFigure! This video wouldn´t be possible without you… Thanks for watching!


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