3D Anaglyph Video!!!

22 Jul

my 3d video of a skull coming right out of the screen watch out.after that i shoot a gun right in your face!then i take a rusty chain and hit you with it put on 3d glasses then this gun will touch your nose. This is a 3d video i made with two high definition video cameras.i put the cameras about 3 inches apart.then i used a edit software to make the video 3d.the see the effect put on a pair of red and cyan 3d glasses.cyan is a light blue color.dont use real d 3d glasses or red and green or yellow and blue glasses only red and cyan will work.
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14/07/2009 : 2nd test of a computer generated anaglyph movie (OpenGL & C++). This time, the difficulty was to generate the 3D only for the part of the landscape in the screen, stopping the 3D effect on the surface of your ‘3D-killer’monitor ! 🙂 This kind of picture gives the impression of watching an aquarium with the sand bottom always behind the glass. Video resolution : 1280×720 (HD) As for the first test, you need colored glasses to see the 3rd dimension. The Red/Blue combination gives the best result.


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